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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Leonoras quinquelobatus Cilib., L, villosus Desf.,
    L. cardiaca L.
    pustyrnik volosistyj


    the Russian name : pustyrnik; the Ukrainian: sobacha kropiva, the core; Polish - serdecznik pospolity.

    Family : Labiatae - gubotsvetnye.

    Leonurus villosus - pustyrnik volosistyj

    a Fig. 85. Leonurus villosus - pustyrnik volosistyj.

    Long-term grassy plants with green, downy straight lines, mostly branchy, a stalk, height 30 - 100 see the Bottom leaves roundish or jajtsevidnye, with the heart-shaped basis, almost to the middle palchato-five-separate, average prodolgovato-elliptic or lantsetnye, three-separate or trehlopastnye, all is up large-pilchatye, with a down, sharp, from above dark green, from below light green. A nimbus upper lip purple, a lower lip in the middle yellow, with purple specks (occasionally a nimbus white). Flowers are collected dense mutovkami, sitting in bosoms pritsvetnyh leaves. Pritsvetniki a bit prickly, Blossoms since June till the end of September. Grows on the littered places, on waste grounds, on slopes, over breakages, in badly kept gardens, under fences, on cemeteries, it is extended everywhere.

    Collect all plant during flowering; srezyvaja from below in that part where a stalk less elastic, usually, where leaves begin.

    In the people prefer a fresh plant, using the juice squeezed out of it. Dried up pustyrnik use in accordingly increased quantity: 1 table spoon with top of small cut up plant on 1 glass of boiled water in a kind napara in 2 receptions. Juice from a fresh plant is accepted by 3 times a day on 30 - 40 drops on 1 table spoon of water, for half an hour to meal.

    As juice from a fresh plant, and napar from the dried accept at the weakened action of the heart, at a heart neurosis, a low pulse, a short wind.

    It is applied also at gastroenteric diseases, at chronic katarah thick guts, at gastric spasms and so forth In many cases it was necessary to observe treatment of chronic intestinal patients after three-week reception pustyrnika.

    Pustyrnikom use also at various nervous shocks, at ispugah, sorrows, etc. As calming nervous system, preferring it valeriane and to bromides.

    At an elevated pressure of blood it is applied in a mix in equal parts with a grass sushenitsy marsh , colours a hawthorn and leaves omely on 40,0 g on 1 l of boiled water.

    In those districts where valeriana narastet, the people instead of it use a grass pustyrnika.

    For the winter pustyrnik make, mixing 2 parts of fresh juice with 3 parts of spirit. Accept 3 times a day on 25 - 30 drops on water.

    Storage . Store pustyrnik in the boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.