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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Levisticum officinale Koch.
    zorja medicinal, ljubistok


    Russian names : zorja, ljubistok; the Ukrainian: ljubistok, ljubisnik; the Polish: lubczyk ogrodowy, lubczyk lekarski.

    Family : Umbelliferae - umbellate.

    Levisticum officinale - zorja medicinal

    a Fig. 68. Levisticum officinale - zorja medicinal, ljubistok

    The Perennial plant with straight lines, hollow cylindrical, up branched out stalk in height to 2 m. Leaves shining, peristo-rassechennye, nadrezanno-gear. Flowers small, is clear-yellow, are collected in a difficult umbrella. Blossoms in June, July. Taste of roots the spicy. All plant with the specific smell reminding a smell of a celery. Plant it on villages in kitchen gardens, flower beds, front gardens, about huts; sometimes the feral.

    At all Slavs very popular plant: in Ukraine even sung in fine national songs, as a guelder-rose and javor, as a mountain ash and a birch in Russian songs and the national epos. The plant name is connected with property attributed to it pricharovyvat young men.

    Collect roots ljubistka in the autumn. Dry, as usually, in a shade.

    Roots ljubistka in a kind napara, but more often broth in quantity nearby 30,0 g (dry) on 1 l of water drink at disease of kidneys, especially at a dropsy, and also at heart troubles, a gastroenteric path, as krovoochistitelnoe means. Accept it as well as the means weakening pains at the monthly.

    It was necessary to observe, what even the short use of broth of roots ljubistka causes more vigorous, but a quiet heartbeat, reduces a short wind, the state of health of the patient improves. From a root ljubistka that it was necessary to observe tea, well influences on peristaltiku intestines and reduces its swelling.

    Broth (and napar) prepare so: 30,0 - 40,0 g a root fill in 1 l of unboiled water, naparivajut in an oven the whole night, and boil 5 in the morning - 7 minutes then leave to be soared minutes 20, filter, wring out the rest and drink for a day in 5 receptions.

    As otharkivajushchee, at "яхЁхяюыэхэшш bronchial tubes ьюъЁю=рьш" use not only napar, but also a powder from a root ljubistka in a dose "эр a tip table эюцр" 3 times a day.

    Storage . Roots ljubistka keep in densely closed boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.