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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Linaria vulgaris Mill.
    lnjanka ordinary


    the Russian name : lnjanka; the Ukrainian: lonok, lnitsja, lnichnik; the Polish: lnica pospolita.

    Family : Scrophulariaceae - norichnikovye.

    Linaria vulgaris - lnjanka ordinary

    a Fig. 24. Linaria vulgaris - lnjanka ordinary

    The Grassy weed plant, height 30-90 sm: the long-term. A stalk direct or rising. Leaves linear, lantsetovidnye, densely placed on stalks. Brushes dense, their core and pedicels with ferruterous opusheniem. Flowers yellow. Blossoms since June till September.

    Grows at roads, on slopes, on mezham, among crops on not lifted steams, on dry ditches. It is extended everywhere in a considerable quantity.

    The grass, but not entirely Gathers, and is cut off on 10-15 sm below that place where flowers begin.

    It is considered slightly laxative, diuretic and sudorific. By national definition, "ёь уёрх= zatverdelosti on =хых".

    the Use . The scientific medicine does not use this plant, and national applies it widely enough. Tea from lnjanki (40,0 g on boiled water litre) drink at intestines swellings, at illnesses of a liver. At a jaundice - in a mix with tsminom on 15,0 g that and another, with addition 10,0 g columns ("тюыюё") corn . Take all mix 40,0 g on 1 l of water. The same mix use in a kind napara at illnesses of kidneys. For some reason people consider lnjanku as good means also at chronic locks.

    Use lnjanku and naruzhno. From its colours ointment for gemorroidalnyh cones in a mix with other plants becomes: 1 part of colours lnjanki, 1 part an oak bark and 1 part grasses of water pepper . Namachivajut at 12 o'clock in the kindled lard, stirring from time till time, then warm up more strongly and filter, merge in bank, fasten a pergament paper. With ointment grease a small slice of a gauze and enter in analnoe an aperture completely; it is necessary to hold such tampon 4 - 5 hours. Calms an intolerable pain, reduces vospalitelnost and detains a bleeding.

    Similar ointment from one only colours lnjanki apply at lishajah, ekzeme, etc. Water infusion from colours lnjanki in a mix with other grasses about which speech in the separate chapter devoted to ways of treatment ekzem , is used for applyings and compresses at skin diseases.

    Water infusion-napar becomes from such mix: lnjanki - 1 part, petals cornflowers - 1 part, colours an elder black - 1 part, grasses ochanki - 1 part. All it is filled in with boiled water and left at 8 o'clock. Moistened in napare the rag is put to the inflamed sick eyes. Helps at zolotushnom a suppuration of eyes and in general improves sight.

    Do not wait for a miracle and do not demand instant healing, and patiently months put such infusion; it in the form of drops (observing the uttermost ideal cleanliness) start a pipette in eyes, and you will see treatment.

    Storage . A grass lnjanki keep in wooden boxes, in imposed with a paper.