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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Lychnis flos cuculi L. (Coronaria flos cuculi L.)
    zorka, kukushkin colour


    Russian names : zorka an adonis, kukushkin colour, zorka a sleepiness, kukushnik; the Ukrainian: коронарія, zozulin цвіт, kurjacha сліпота, smolka, burchik; the Polish: firletka poszarpana, strzygonie, smolka, kurza slepota.

    Family : Caryophyllaceae - gvozdichnye.

    Lychnis flos cuculi - zorka, kukushkin colour

    a Fig. 58. Lychnis flos cuculi - zorka, kukushkin colour

    The Long-term grassy plant in height. 30 - 90 see In the bottom of a stalk - the socket from radical lantsetnyh, at the basis of the narrowed leaves. The top leaflets on a stalk suprotivno-steam rooms, lantsetnye or linearly-lantsetnye. Flowers pink, are more rare white, with the petals deeply divided into 4 shares, collected in rare pyramidal or shchitkovidnuju a whisk with opposite branches.

    Blossoms from the end of May till August. Grows on damp meadows, bogs (at its mass flowering in May-June the meadow seems all pink), among bushes. It is extended everywhere.