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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Lychnis viscaria L.
    (Viscaria viscosa (Scop.) Aschers. V. vulgaris Roehl. V. viscaria Voss., Lychnis viscosa Scop.)
    smolka sticky


    Russian names : smolka sticky, zorka sticky, smolevka; the Ukrainian: smoljanka klejka; the Polish: firletka lepka, smolka.

    Family : Caryophyllaceae - gvozdichnye.

    Lychnis viscaria - smolka sticky

    a Fig. 59. Lychnis viscaria - smolka sticky

    Long-term (on other sources - two-year) a plant with a naked, sticky stalk under knots, height 30 - 80 sm, above dark red. Radical leaves in the socket it is wrapped up-lantsetnye, stem - it is narrow-lantsetnye to the linear. Flowers in enough dense, pull together opposite bunches with almost integral, purple-red petals. Forms derninu. Blossoms since May till August. Grows on wood meadows, slopes, glades, thickets, more often in drier places, than previous, on edges of pine woods, on wood cuttings down and landings. A stalk firmer and elastic in comparison with the previous. It is extended everywhere.

    From both plants collect all grass during flowering.

    In application of both plants in the people there is a mess. That and other plant use in the same cases more often, but in some districts do also distinction between them, about what more low.

    Both plants (with some preference smolki) are applied at a long jaundice and at illnesses of kidneys, and also (in some districts) as otharkivajushchee at pulmonary illnesses. In all these cases apply napar from 40,0 g plants on 1 l of boiled water - 3 times a day on 1 glass.

    Naruzhno naparom from the whole plant wash the polluted wounds, and on chiri, abscesses, ulcers and on the places amazed with an itch, do compresses from napara.

    Some grandmas gave to women napar grasses from Lychnis flos cuculi L. At matochnyh bleedings, at painful monthly, inexplicable bleedings.

    Storage . The grass zorki and smolki is necessary for storing separately in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.