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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Lycopodium clavatum L.
    plaun bulavovidnyj


    In national doctoring apply mainly L. clavatum L., and also L. selago L. - plaun baranets, but disputes and a grass make and from other kinds, less widespread, in particular: from L. annotinum L. - plaun year, L. anceps Wallr. - plaun two-edged, it L. complanatum L. - plaun spljusnutyj (seldom meeting) and L. inundatum L. - plaun uliginose. Particular advantages in application any of them do not mark.

    Russian names : plaun, likopody; the Ukrainian: plaun, p'jadich, dereza (purely national); the Polish: widlak, and L. clavatum - widiak gozdzisty, it babimor, L. selago - widlak wroniec or it is simple wrcniec; L. annotinum - widlak jalowcowy, or w. gajowy; L. inundatum - w. splawiowy; L. complanatum - w. zeglej, or w. splaszczony.

    Family : Lycopodiaceae - plaunovye.

    Lycopodium selago - likopody plaun baranets

    a Fig. 69/and. Lycopodium selago - likopody plaun baranets.

    Lycopodium annotinum - likopody plaun godichny

    a Fig. 69. Lycopodium annotinum - likopody plaun year.

    Lycopodium clavatum - likopody plaun bulavovidnyj

    a Fig. of 69/century Lycopodium clavatum - likopody plaun bulavovidnyj.

    Lycopodiumi inundatum - likopody plaun uliginose

    a Fig. 69 Lycopodiumi inundatum - likopody plaun uliginose.

    The Short description of a plant concerns L. clavatum L. As it is most extended. The interested the reader will find the description of other kinds in corresponding floristic works.

    Plaun bulavovidnyj is a long-term grassy evergreen plant with creeping, a bit ascending stalks. On a stalk and its branches small, linearly-lantsetnye, the inflexed leaflets pointed in a long white hair located in some numbers densely sit. On the ends of branches, on the extended legs are formed 2, about 5, upright cone (as a fork) from which in the summer (in the end of July, in August) gets enough sleep gentle, velvety, fat, yellow powders-disputes is more rare. This powder is not moistened with water. Grows plaun bulavovidnyj in the coniferous and mixed woods, sometimes among mosses, bushes. L. annotinum L. Grows in more shady, coniferous woods, L. inundatum L. - on peatbogs, on damp sand, among a heather .

    Are extended plauny everywhere in wood districts.

    Collect all plant and separately disputes. Disputes plaunov easily dissipate from the slightest fluctuation of air why collect sporonosnye branches, cutting off them (it is better scissors) in a damp calm weather or with dew, placing in closed ware. Branch houses dry, spreading them on a sheet of paper. From dry branches disputes easily get enough sleep. The dust from dispute in air easily ignites from fire why it is necessary to be cautious with fire in an operating time with disputes. Branches cannot be pounded in hands as it litters disputes. For clearing dispute them sift through a dense silk cloth; store in the dense paper sacks enclosed in boxes, or in bottles. The powder dispute likopodija very much tekuch and through a small aperture can "т№ыш=іё " as water; passes even through a dense cloth, therefore it do not store in fabric bags. Branches plauna, after branch dispute, store separately in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.

    Broth dispute plaunov drink at pains in the field of a bladder, at its sharp inflammation, at stones of kidneys and a bladder and at spasms of the last. Take 2 table spoons dispute, fill in with 2 glasses of unboiled water and boil 15 minutes, stirring slowly with a spoon. Drink on 1 table spoon of broth together with disputes in each hour. If near at hand there is no dispute plaunov drink hourly on 20,0 - 30,0 g (wine-glass) of similar broth from branches likopodija (30,0 - 40,0 g on 1 l of water).

    Disputes plaunov are considered as the best children's powder in the people, and also are applied by adults for prisypanija on oprevshie places. Small wounds, at a bleeding from them, fall asleep disputes likopodija.