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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Malva silvestris L.
    prosvirnjak wood,
    malva wood


    Russian names : prosvirnjak wood, malva wood, kalachiki; the Ukrainian: kalachiki лісов і, malva лісова, proskurnik, prosvirnik, prosvirnjak, dika malva; the Polish: slaz lesny, slaz dziki.

    Family : Malvaceae - prosvirnikovye.

    Malva silvestris - prosvirnjak wood

    a Fig. 73. Malva silvestris - prosvirnjak wood.

    Annual, is more rare than two or a long-term grassy plant with lying, ascending or to straight lines it is rough volosistym a stalk, in height 30 - 120 Leaves petiolar, okruglo-heart-shaped, with 5 - 7 blades, gorodchato-gear, downy see. Flowers big (diameter 30 - 40 mm) on 1 - 5 in bosoms of leaves. Petals glubokovyemchatye, prodolgovato-obratnojajtsevidnye, pink, gradually narrowed in a nail, with 3 dark longitudinal strips; after drying become dark-violet. Roots long, branched out. Blossoms from June till August. Grows not only in wood, but it is frequent on weed places, in kitchen gardens, about fences, about dwellings and structures, on slopes, it is nearby expensive. A weed. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect flowers and leaves during flowering, and roots in the autumn.

    Almost identical application have: Malva neglecta Wallr., Malva rotundifolia L. (Or M pusilla With., it M. boreal is Wallr.) and some other kinds depending on district; the same to a certain extent it is possible to tell and about Althea.

    Water infusion from colours wood malvy is used inside and naruzhno, especially at burdensome dry cough, at katarah throats, at hoarseness, in the latter case in the form of rinsings. Leaves and roots have the same application. Doses different. Colours take 30.0 - 60,0 g on 1 l of boiled water. To colours malvy wood ordinary add other plants: flowers grechihi, a grass legochnitsy, flowers mother-and-stepmother ) and flowers a wild poppy ; all components in equal parts. Take 50,0 g this mix, fill in with boiled water, soar the whole night. Drink for a day in 5 - 6 receptions.

    At spleen tumours do hot baths of the following mix: leaves and colours or all plant malvy wood 200,0 g, grasses chernobylnika - 150,0 g, colours of a camomile - 150,0 g, grains oats meroju in 1 l, all fill in it with boiled water, soak all the day, and boil (approximately in 5 l of water) in the evening and pour in in a bath. A bath accept directly ahead of a dream.

    Storage . Leaves and flowers store in boxes, and roots in bags.