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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Matricaria chamilla L.
    (Chrysanthemum chamomilla)
    Camomile wild,
    Camomile chemist's


    the Russian name : a camomile chemist's; the Ukrainian: a camomile, rum'janok; the Polish: rumianek pospolity.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Matricaria chamilla - a camomile wild

    a Fig. 25. Matricaria chamilla - a camomile wild.

    The Annual well-known, popular grassy plant which is not demanding the special description. Blossoms since May till the autumn (intensively in May-July). Grows in weed places, at roads, in kitchen gardens, on waste grounds and about dwellings.

    Collect only quite dismissed flowers-baskets (especially with small baskets).

    In the people consider that on a human body operates: vetrogonno, potogonno, pacifies pains and spasms and mjagchitelno.

    the Use . The scientific medicine uses camomile flowers in the same cases, as national. Camomile flowers in the people - one of the most popular house medicines also are applied at various diseases inside and naruzhno.

    Naruzhno . From napara colours of the camomile, mixed with table salt (200 g on 10 l of water), do baths at gouty tumours of hands and feet.

    Being based on national experience and supervision, the next way of application of a camomile is described at a gout and rheumatic inflammations. To sore points put the small pillows filled with colours of a black elder and a camomile. It becomes so: a mix of colours slightly moisten with boiled water, then strongly heat up on fire in a pan and, having filled with them (colours) a sack, put it to a sore point and diligently tie. In the same way (and the same mix) warm gumboils, apply at a toothache with a cheek tumour, and also at a pain in cheeks after cold on draughts when are ill not only cheeks, but also all head. Same "яюфѕ°хёъш" apply and during time "яЁюё=Ёхыр" (a pain in a waist).

    After such serious illnesses as a scarlet fever, the smallpox, measles and others, at children who have transferred these illnesses, is observed sometimes the expiration from an ear. In such cases usually buy in a drugstore strong peroxide of hydrogen, dilute it naparom camomiles and this liquid wash out an ear. After washing an ear close cotton wool.

    Among the Polish people, especially young women, camomile application practises the cosmetic purposes: 1) 4 times a week in strong napare from colours of a camomile wash the person then do not wipe; 2) some hours prior to a party, before an exit from the house, it is available impose a gauze moistened in a mix of a crude yolk, honey, almond oil and strong napara camomiles. Such mask gives to a face skin a beautiful matte kind and does its smooth.

    Naparom from a camomile use for washing of suppurating wounds, ulcers, abscesses (chirev). At illness of eyes put to lotion eyes. Napar from colours of a camomile use also for rinsing of a throat, an ear, for irrigatsy and, at last, for poultices on swelled up and inflamed places of a body.

    Inside flowers of a camomile chemist's use in the form of tea at children's illnesses with intestines swelling, at belly-aches, gripes, stomach spasms; besides, at detention menstruatsy, at pains in the field of a uterus and, at last, at prostudnyh the diseases accompanied by a fever.

    At a jaundice try, probably to remove from blood as speak in the people, "сюыіэѕ¦ цхыёі" more likely; and then to provide receipt in intestines of healthy bile. The camomile promotes it, napar which slightly poslabljaet intestines, and warm enemas from napara clear intestines of the late and not acquired fats. In these cases drink tea from a camomile mixed in equal doses with colours of an immortelle sandy.

    Happens that from substandard food there comes intestines swelling, a pain in the field of a navel, and sometimes and a stomach tumour (as at a dropsy). Then accept laxative (usually in a life castor oil) and when proslabit, start to drink tea from a mix of a camomile, berries a juniper , peppermint grasses , zveroboja , tsentavrii - everyone in equal parts. 4 table spoons of a mix on. 1 l of water boil no more than 10 minutes and when will cool down, drink on 3 glasses in day.

    At belly-aches drink strong napar from a camomile and balms , mixed fifty-fifty. Drink hot on 3 glasses in day.

    In children's practice from napara colours of a camomile do enemas and give to drink to children at intestines swelling.

    Storage . Camomile flowers are stored in carefully closed boxes.

    In certain cases, for the lack of a camomile chemist's, apply in same basically the purposes a camomile odorous (Matricaria suaveolens Buchen., it M. discoidea DC., it Chrysanthemum suaveolens Buch.) which on Volhynia name often in the people "Ёѕь эюъ ёюсрёшщ" or "ъю= ёшщ". It is a weed growing on weed places, on court yard of manors, on waste grounds. This camomile sharply differs absence jazychkovyh colours. Strongly pahucha, especially when to pound its baskets fingers. Less it is, of course, popular, than previous.