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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Melilotus officinalis Desr.
    donnik medicinal


    the Russian name : donnik the medicinal; the Ukrainian: burkun лікарський, burkun zhovty; the Polish: nostrzyk zolty.

    Family : Leguminosae - bean (Papilionaceae - motylkovye).

    Melilotus officinalis - dojnik medicinal

    a Fig. 74. Melilotus officinalis - dojnik medicinal.

    The Two-year grassy plant with branchy, below a ligneous, upright or ascending stalk, in height 60 - 150 sm, with trojchato-plumose leaves on chereshke. Leaves from above sizovato-green, from below more pale, melkozubchato-pilchatye. At the bottom leaves leaflets obratnojajtsevidnye, at the top oblong. Flowers yellow, small, are collected in extended, multifloral, kolosovidnye pazushnye brushes, fragrant (smell kumarinom). Blossoms since June till October.

    Grows at roads, on the fields, the littered places, slopes, in prileskah, on steam fields and deposits, on mezhah, among grain crops and on a clover. A weed. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect tops of stalks with colours, more often one only flowers.

    Tea from napara colours donnika 30,0 g on 1 l of boiled water drink at chest illnesses on a wine wine-glass (50,0 each hour. Flowers donnika in small doses enter into different chest mixes of herbs. The flowers steamed out in boiled water donnika put as a poultice on "чрё=ѕцхээ№х" the abscesses slowly formed chiri, etc.

    From young women it is exactly known that flowers donnika, mixed fifty-fifty with a grass tsentavrii and colours mother-and-stepmother , are treated by patients jaichniki. Reception on 1 / 3 a glass napara (from 1 table spoon of a mix on 1 glass of water) 6 times a day during 3 - 4 weeks. Full abstention from a sexual life for treatment thus is recommended.

    On villages the dry pounded flowers donnika add for aroma to tobacco.

    Storage . Flowers donnika store in a paper, in tin well closed boxes.