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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Mentha piperita L.
    Mint peppery


    the Russian name : a peppermint; the Ukrainian: m'jata it is cold; the Polish: mienta pieprzova.

    Family : Labiatae - gubotsvetnye.

    Mentha piperita - mint peppery

    a Fig. 27. a) Mentha piperita - mint peppery.

    Mentha Arvensis - mint field

    a Fig. 27.) Mentha Arvensis - mint field.

    The Long-term grassy plant in height 25 - 60 see the Stalk and all plant shchetinisto-volosistoe or smooth. Leaves jajtsevidno-extended or lantsetnye, sharp, pilovidno-jagged. Flowers, in bezlistnyh interrupted kolosovidnyh inflorescences, krasnovato-pink or belovato-pink. Blossoms from June till August. The plant is cultivated in gardens, kitchen gardens and fields. Gets divorced shanks from pobegovyh rhizomes. Strongly odorous. In the people two forms, or versions distinguish, namely: "схыр " - with green tetrahedral stalks and "ёхЁэр " - with dark green leaves and is dark-reddish stalks. This fact has no value as in the people often for the lack of a peppermint use both other fragrant kinds and versions of mints, and some even prefer, for example, water both other wild-growing forms and kinds (M. Aquatica L., M. Arvensis L.).

    Collect during flowering stalks with leaves or only mint leaves.

    Consider that on a human body mint, operates, raising and improving digestion, vetrogonno and potogonno, reduces a nausea and as speak in the people, "§юыюфш= in a mouth, but warms up ъш°хёэшъ".

    the Use . It is applied in scientific medicine. In national medicine mint drops (chemist's) and napar from mint to adults and children are used at spasms in a stomach and an intestines, at a diarrhoeia, an indigestion, a nasty eructation. Mint broth, and also napar and drops are used for bathing of the small children afflicted with a rickets, zolotuhoj and illnesses of a gastroenteric path.

    The Peppermint is used, first of all, at the raised gastric acidity (with a sour eructation), not accompanied by locks. In such cases apply the following mix: peppermint leaves - 15,0 g, bobovnika - 2,0 g, tsvetkov (baskets) a yarrow - 15,0 g, fennel seeds - 15,0 g, grasses zveroboja - 30,0 of such mix of 2 table spoons fill in with 2 glasses of boiled water, 2 hours soar, filter and accept during the day drinks. The same mix is applied and at other kinds of gastritises.

    At the raised acidity of a stomach with locks such mix is applied: sushenitsy marsh - 15,0 g, colours of a yarrow - 20,0 g, grasses zveroboja - 30,0 g, a peppermint - 20,0 g, colours of a camomile - 10,0 g, grasses sporysha - 15,0 g, fennel seeds - 10,0 g, caraway seeds seeds - 10,0 g, hop cones - 5,0 g, barks krushiny - 20,0 g and a root valeriany - 10,0 of this mix of 4 table spoons (each spoon with top) fill in 1 l to boiled water and put in an oven for the whole night that it was drew: in the Morning on an empty stomach drink 1 glass napara, and the rest - in 4 receptions during the day, each time in an hour after meal. Depending on degree of locks a bark dose krushiny reduce or increase as the laxative regulating a stomach.

    In itself mint apply to treatment of warm and pulmonary diseases, especially after a bleeding from lungs. Mint leaves use at excessive menstruatsijah. In such cases insist 20,0 g leaves on 500,0 g boiled water within 2 hours and allow to drink to the patient. All patients with the raised acidity of gastric juice need to remember that the best means, "эхщ=Ёрышчѕ¦Ёшь" stomach acids, potato juice about which we still will speak in details, then mint and zveroboj is, first of all. On purpose "эхщ=Ёрышчрчшш" stomach acids use also "ь =э№щ юыхщ" (oil) on water or sugar from 3 to 5 drops. This mint oil, the truth, in a smaller measure, than potato juice, eliminates a heartburn, promotes a withdrawal of gases and "фхчшэ¶шчшЁѕх= and ЁрчюуЁхтрх=" interiors.

    It is necessary still to steam of words to tell about the mint drops so popular in the people and, especially among inhabitants of Volhynia.

    Mint drops often prepare in the people. For this purpose 1 part (on weight) small cut dried leaves of a peppermint fill in with 20 parts 90 ° spirit; insist the whole days, stirring up from time till time, wring out and wrung out filter through some layers of a gauze or cotton wool. To the filtered tincture add 1 part (on weight) mint oil. Inside mint drops accept from 10 drops (and sometimes accept and to 4,0 in day at diarrheas, intestines spasms, rezjah in intestines, bad digestion, a nausea and so forth

    Storage . Leaves of mint or all grass of mint it is stored in densely corked boxes.

    In some villages prepare traditional, nice Ukrainian vareniki with cheese in which add small used up leaflets of mint. Also it is tasty, in my opinion, and expediently.