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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Menyanthes trifoliate L.
    Watch trilistnaja, trifol


    Russian names : watch trilistnaja, trifol, bobovnik; the Ukrainian: бобiвник; the Polish: bobrek trojlistcowy, koniczyna wodna trojlisc.

    Family : Gentianaceae - gorechavkovye.

    Menyanthes trifoliate - watch trilistnaja

    a Fig. 28. Menyanthes trifoliate - watch trilistnaja

    The Long-term grassy plant with a creeping stalk in length 15 - 30 sm: leaves all radical, dlinnochereshkovye with trojchatoj a plate. Flowers belovato-pink, in an oblong brush on bezlistnom tsvetonosnom a small stalk. Blossoms in May and first half of June. Grows on low coast of the rivers and lakes, on nizinnym to peat bogs, in ditches; often forms dense thickets. It is extended everywhere.

    The Plant popular enough, known for the very bitter taste.

    In the people collect leaves of watch in the spring and in the summer, more often in dry solar weather. They are considered as means (one of the best) stimulating the appetite, promoting allocation of the digestive juice, improving peristaltiku a gastroenteric path and considerably improving the general condition of the patient. The known data of the scientific medicine using watch in basic as the bitterness at lowered acidity of a stomach, finds the full conformity and in practice of its application in a national life. Apply napar dried up (in a shade) watch leaves, approximately 5,0 - 10,0 g on 1 glass of water.

    Owing to that watch considerably improves the general tone of the patient, the national medicine considers that it treats a consumption of lungs. Are known sick of a tuberculosis which it is continuous during long time drank napar from bobovnika and felt much better, even in the presence of cavities that, apparently, it is connected with food improvement. Instead of water tincture accepts also a powder from watch leaves in a tissue piece of paper in a dose 1,0 - 2,0 g on reception, but no more than 6,0 g in day.

    At gastroenteric indispositions accept watch in a mix with other herbs.

    Naruzhno napar from watch together with a camomile is used for enemas after defekatsii, for rectum clarification at illnesses with metabolism infringement; at chronic locks the enema from napara watches promotes the maximum removal of faecal weights.

    Storage . Watch leaves are stored in wooden boxes, inside vystelennyh by a paper.