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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Onopordon acanthium L.
    tatarnik prickly


    the Russian name : tatarnik prickly, or ordinary; the Ukrainian: tatarnik, chortopoloh (budjak - the general to many plants), budjak-d_d; the Polish: poploch pospolity, poploch.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Onopordon acanthium - tatarnik prickly

    a Fig. 70. Onopordon acanthium - tatarnik prickly

    Strongly prickly two-year plant with a stalk in height 50 - 200 sm, above with 2 - 3 wide koljuchezubchatymi the branches going up to the top. The bottom leaves at the basis narrowed, peristo-lopastnye, pointed, top - sedentary, integral, dvojakozubchatye. Leaflets-wrappers bottom shilovidnye, prickly, external from them bulged. All plant belovato-pautinistoe, Flowers is bright-purple. Blossoms since June till September. Grows on pastures, it is nearby expensive, breakages, on waste grounds, slopes. A weed. It is extended everywhere. A plant of bitter taste.

    Collect leaves of this plant.

    Tea from napara leaves (1 table spoon on 1 glass of boiled water) accept on 3 - 4 glasses in day at "яЁюё=ѕфх uric яѕч№Ё ". Drink it within 10 days (in some places and in the big doses). It is even better to accept a powder from leaves tatarnika (before powder preparation delete prickles) on 3 - 4 tea spoons in day, washing down with water.

    It is considered that the use tatarnika influences oppressed state of health of the patient and gives it vivacity. As the diuretic is applied in itself and in mixes for "юёшЁхэш " blood and at rheumatism. Naparom and broth of leaves wash out wounds.

    Storage . Leaves store in the boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.