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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Origanum vulgare L.
    dushitsa ordinary


    the Russian name : dushitsa; the Ukrainian: materinka; the Polish: lebiodka pospolita.

    Family : Labiatae - gubotsvetnye.

    Origanum vulgare - dushitsa ordinary

    a Fig. 30. Origanum vulgare - dushitsa ordinary

    The Perennial plant, is frequent in the form of a semibush, height 30 - 90 sm, with upright, is soft-volosistymi stalks. All plant often has a purple shade. Flowers small, are collected in a difficult semiumbrella, lilovo-pink. Blossoms since June till the end of September. Grows on glades of woods, among bushes, at wood roads, on edges of woods, on rural cemeteries. A smell of a plant the fragrant. The aroma and colouring of colours reminds a thyme (bogorodskuju a grass) with that difference that the thyme has steljushchiesja stalks, and dushitsa - upright.

    Collect tops of stalks and branches, dry and (often) wipe through resheto.

    The Plant is very popular in the people, by this plant not only are treated, but also fumigate with it pots for milk, do of it pillows in a coffin for dead men, often, as well as by a Labrador tea (Ledum palustre L.), lay dushitsej clothes, protecting it from ask.

    In national doctoring apply napar dushitsy inside: at illnesses of a stomach and an intestines, a throat, at cold, and also at different female illnesses, especially matochnyh. Facing in the past practice rural znaharok, have come to conclusion that application napara dushitsy at female monthly indispositions strongly increases monthly blood and quite often leads to complications. Consider that pregnant women cannot be treated dushitsej as it operates abortivno. In the people tea from dushitsy drink also at sincere indispositions, melancholy and at convulsions.

    Naruzhno from napara dushitsy do compresses on abscesses, chiri and different tumours. Napar and broth dushitsy apply to baths, especially for zolotushno-rachitic children (in a mix with other plants). Some people consider that spirit tincture dushitsy, entered into a painful tooth hollow, calms a toothache.

    Storage . Dried up in a shade, and the wiped grass dushitsy is stored in a paper, in well corked boxes or boxes.