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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Papaver rhoeas L.


    Russian names : a poppy-samosejka, machok, a poppy field; the Ukrainian: a poppy-samos_jka, polovy machok, a wild poppy, polovy vidjak; the Polish: mak polny, maczek.

    Family : Papaveraceae - makovye.

    The Poppy-samosejka - annual (the grassy plant in height 20 is more rare two-year) - 90 the Stalk see, leaves and pedicels are covered by the bulged hairs. Leaves mostly deeply-peristorazdelnye, with oblong krupnopernymi shares. Petals of colours bright red, ordinary with a large dark stain at the basis the Fruit - the box, at maturing forms apertures through which seeds are sowed. Blossoms in the end of May till August. Grows on fields, it is nearby expensive, in crops of winter crops on badly developed soil, on weed places, on mezhah, suburbs of fields. Wild field poppies everywhere are extended. A weed of fields.

    Collect only petals of colours (but not fallen down on the earth). Dry them necessarily in a shade, displaying very thin layer, differently they stick together and blacken.

    In the people petals of a wild poppy are applied mainly in mixes with other herbs as otharkivajushchee and calming fits of coughing.

    Here these mixes:

    1. The mix calming (temporarily) cough: petals of a wild poppy 10,0 g, a root bedrentsa 5,0 g, fill in with 2 glasses of boiled water, within night soar, since morning and during the day drink on a gulp hourly.

    2. a Mix facilitating otharkivanie: petals of a wild poppy - 30,0 g, colours an elder black - 20,0 g, colours of a linden - 20,0 g, colours korovjaka - 30,0 g, colours malvy wood - 30,0 g, colours mother-and-stepmother - 20,0 g, colours grechihi - 20,0 g, grasses legochnitsy - 30,0 40,0 g this mix fill in 1 l of boiled water, soar all night long, and drink hourly on 1/4 glasses (on a wine wine-glass) in the afternoon. This mix especially recommend in the people at strong prostudnom cough, and it is considered necessary a confinement to bed as the mix operates strongly potogonno.

    3. The mix accelerating allocation mokroty at its plentiful formation: colours malvy wood - 30,0 g, grasses veroniki medicinal ) - 20,0 g, leaves mother-and-stepmother - 20,0 g and petals of a wild poppy - 30,0 of This mix take 40,0 g on 1 l of boiled water, soar the whole night and drink on 1 table spoon in the afternoon.

    Storage . Poppy flowers store in boxes.