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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Paris quadrifolia L.
    vorony an eye chetyrehlistnyj (very much a poisonous plant, especially berries and a rhizome)


    Russian names : vorony an eye chetyrehlistnyj, chetyrehlistnik one-berry, odnojagodnik chetyrehlistnyj; the Ukrainian: voronjache an eye, hreshchate зілля, rannik, suhotnik; the Polish: czworolist pospolity, jednojagoda czworolistna.

    Family : Liliaceae - lilejnye.

    Paris quadrifolia - vorony an eye

    a Fig. 92. Paris quadrifolia - vorony an eye.

    The Long-term grassy plant with the long creeping rhizome dressed vlagalishchnymi; leaves. The straight line stalk, standing, height 15 - 30 see Leaves, mostly in number 4 (occasionally 5, 6, 8 - as an exception), in mutovke, in the top part of a stalk, shirokoellipticheskie, back jajtsevidnye, is short-pointed, almost sedentary with three veins and with their converging branchings. Flowers - on one at each plant. Okolotsvetnik consists of two numbers of leaflets: 4 - 6 external, wider and 4 - 6 internal narrow yellowish. The last remain about a fruit - a sizovato-black berry. Blossoms in May-June. Grows in shady, mainly deciduous woods, thickets. It is extended in wood areas and in forest-steppe.

    Collect all plant during flowering and fresh insist in spirit.

    The Plant very poisonous, causes a strong diarrhoeia, vomiting, especially berries and rhizomes.

    In the people use spirit tincture of all plant at a tuberculosis of lungs, as means stimulating appetite and strengthening peristaltiku guts. In 1 glass of water plant 2 teaspoons of this tincture and accept on 1 table spoon everyone 1 - 2 hours, but no more than one glass during the day. The overestimated doses cause vomiting. Assert that reception of such tincture irritates soothingly.