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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Petroselinum sativurn Hoffm.
    Parsley garden,
    Or field


    the Russian, Ukrainian and Polish name: parsley (pietruszka).

    Family : Umbelliferae - umbellate.

    The Known grassy two-year plant planted in kitchen gardens. In the first year gives the socket of leaves, on the second tsvetonosnyj a stalk with the small zelenovato-white colours collected in a difficult umbrella. Blossoms in June - July. Roots are used for seasonings to food as spice. Seeds ripen non-uniformly.

    Collect roots of parsley and its seeds. Seeds collect moderately their maturing, dry, then store in sacks, suspending in a dry place. Roots store in cellars. In the medical purposes apply roots and seeds. Napar in the form of tea from parsley roots use in the people in different doses at intestines swelling, at all kinds of illnesses of urinogenital bodies, at bladder stones, at a dropsy - as the diuretic is strong. Assert that tea from a parsley root faster "т№ drives ё№яі" also reduces time of course of such heavy infectious illnesses, as a measles and a scarlet fever. In my supervision it has not proved to be true except for its febrifugal action after rash occurrence.

    There is a statement that long absent monthly blood again come back, if patients drink broth from seeds of parsley with addition to them grasses ruty . Take 2,0 g seeds of parsley and 1,0 g grasses ruty on 1,5 glasses of water, cook 7 - 10 minutes. Drink drinks, drinking all for a day, or on a half-glass 2 times a day. Oil from seeds parsley (chemist's) used in a dose 0,5 g on water as the means strengthening menstruatsii. Ruta and parsley are considered also national abortivnym as means, and it is known about the facts of introduction of parts of a root of parsley in a uterus for an abortion call that, as one would expect, it was accompanied for women very much by serious consequences.

    Juice from a lemon, mixed with strong broth of a root of parsley, use for destruction of freckles, greasing the person in the morning and in the evening. From sunburn wash the person with parsley broth.

    The Pounded leaves of parsley put on places "ѕъѕёют" mosquitoes and bees.

    The Part of plants of parsley do not dig out, that early to have greens in the spring.

    In the people sometimes there are cases of a poisoning from application by mistake boligolova speckled (Conium maculatum L.) which leaves are similar to parsley leaves.