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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Pimpinella saxifraga L.
    bedrenets kamnelomka


    the Russian name : bedrenets kamnelomka; the Ukrainian: bedrinets ломикамінь, bedrinka; the Polish: biedrzeniec pospolity, biedrzeniec mniejszy.

    The Same application, as well as this plant, has also other kind: Pimpinella magna L. Or P. major (L.) Huds. - bedrenets big.

    Family : Umbelliferae - umbellate.

    Pimpinella saxifraga - bedrenets kamnelomka

    a Fig. 75. Pimpinella saxifraga - bedrenets kamnelomka.

    Bedrenets kamnelomka - a long-term grassy plant with more or less branchy stalk, height 30 - 80 sm, usually korotkoopushennym, growing at old plants from slantwise located (with the rest of leaves) rhizomes. The bottom leaves plumose with the made an incision leaflets; top stem almost sedentary, seldom located along a stalk. Flowers small, white, are collected in difficult umbellate inflorescences. Blossoms since June till September. Grows on slopes of hills, on dry meadows, wood edges and glades, on mezhah, in places of drier. It is extended everywhere. P. major (L.) Huds. The big sizes, than the previous plant, not downy, with furrowed stalks. Grows in thickets, on wood glades and meadows. It is extended everywhere in wood areas.

    Collect only roots.

    In the people use spirit tincture of roots at chest illnesses, especially at cough. Means it is checked well up and is very effective. At night at a sleeplessness for painful cough of 20 drops of this tincture on a water teaspoon in some minutes calm feeling tsarapanija in a throat and cough.

    Broth from 30,0 g a root on 1 l of water drink at chronic indispositions of a throat, at an asthma; besides, at small monthly blood and at a chronic indigestion.

    At hoarseness for cold accept 3 times a day on 15 bedrentsovyh a thaw, a neck tie with a warm scarf and for the night drink napar lime colour, that propotet.

    Storage . Rhizomes with roots bedrentsa store in the boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.