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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Plantago major
    And Plantago media L.
    Big and average


    Russian names : as above-stated; the Ukrainian: a plantain great, a plantain середній, the grandma, rannik, poriznik; the Polish: babka zwyczajna, babka srednia.

    Family : Plantaginaceae - podorozhnikovye.

    Plantago major - a plantain big

    a Fig. 32. Plantago major - a plantain big

    Popular, shirokoizvestnye the plants different from previous (P. lanceolata) wide round leaves. Grow on court yard, in weed places at dwellings, at roads, on fields and meadows.

    In national medicine leaves for applying to wounds, chirjam, to cuts and ulcers are used; in one cases put the rumpled leaves, in others - whole and shroud sore points in warm scarfs or sukonkami. Spirit tincture from these leaves wash out wounds. The same tincture at a toothache put on cotton wool in a tooth hollow.

    The Powder from grains of these plantains, especially R major, apply at chronic diarrheas, katarah guts and even a dysentery. A dose: on 1,0 g a powder 4 times a day. There is a belief that this one of the most gentle and true astringents in such cases.

    Storage . Leaves are stored, as well as P. lanceolata, and the seeds well dried - in densely corked boxes.