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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Polygonum aviculare L.
    The mountaineer bird's, sporysh


    Russian names : the mountaineer bird's, sporysh, bird's grechiha; the Ukrainian: sporish, pticha grechka; the Polish: rdest ptasi, sporysz, swinskie ziele.

    Family : Polygonaceae - grechishnye.

    Polygonum aviculare - the mountaineer bird's

    a Fig. 33. Polygonum aviculare - the mountaineer bird's

    Very popular plant growing in court yard, on footpaths, at roads, on pastures, constant dry pastures, on shaft, on the littered places about dwellings and so forth Is hardy to trampling. Stalks sporysha steljutsja by the ground, kolenchaty; plants kustisty. Flowers very small, whitish, sometimes pinkish, are placed in bosoms of small leaves. After flowering stalks become firm, therefore collect all plant during flowering. Blossoms sporysh since May and almost till the end of autumn, most intensively - in July-August.

    Collect all grass when sporysh only blossoms, and stalks had not time to harden yet.

    In national medicine sporysh has very wide application, namely: at illnesses of kidneys, a liver, katarah a stomach, at diarrheas, at inveterate katare a bladder, at wounds both fresh, and inveterate.

    On the basis of national practice and personal observations I come to conclusion that similarly zveroboju sporysh figures prominently in national treatment of the majority of illnesses of infringement of a metabolism in an organism and, of some other illnesses. We take, for example, such serious illnesses, as gallstones, nephritic gripes, bladder stones (and other forms "ърьхээющ"), even strongly inveterate and without success lechennye (whether it be chemical or vegetative) means, - in all these cases sporysh it is considered illnesses others irreplaceable. I remind that plants in the people are not used alone, and more often in mixes. Therefore and sporysh enters into a mix. About these mixes there will be a speech in corresponding places. Now we supply only the general information on illnesses at which it is applied sporysh.

    Sporysh use at all kinds of gastritises: ahilii and giperhilii. The mix of the grasses used at ahilii, is specified in a sketch about a plantain lantsetolistnom . It enters into other mixes already described. At ahilii sporysh take also in a mix with rosemary (grows in Crimea and Transcaucasia) - half-portions, with addition peppery mints ( 1 / 3 portions).

    At wounds lotions from napara a fresh plant sporysha (calms a pain and promotes development of granulations) are applied.

    At a pneumonia, a strong bronchitis and a pleurisy to patients give tea from leaves mother-and-stepmother - 5,0 g, colours a black elder - 5,0 g and sporysha - 5,0

    At diarrheas drink hot broth sporysha in a mix with a horsetail . Sporysha take 2 parts, and a horsetail 1 part. Cook in red strong wine of 3 minutes and accept hot each 4 hours on 1 / 3 (to 1/2) a glass.

    It was possible to observe that sporysh really intensively drives "яхёюъ". At treatment sporyshej it is not appreciable almost for the patient at everyone mocheispuskanii left on 40 - 60 dark yellow wrong forms of grains of sand. Patients spoke "ёяюЁ№° breaks stones in sand, and with urine drives хую". This conclusion is interesting inherently. In the same cases the following mix is applied still: sporysh, ryltsa corn, a share string bean pods (dwarfish forms), a grass gryzhnika smooth and leaves of the bear ear - only fifty-fifty. On day reception take 15,0 g mixes on 200,0 g boiled water. Napar drink warm all during the day.

    Many cases when patients, refusing operation concerning gallstones Were observed, were treated by grasses, "шчсрты ышёі" from a jaundice also recovered.

    It is necessary to tell also that sporyshem treat not only katary a stomach, but also inveterate katary a bladder. However about it will be more detailed it is told in other place.

    Storage . A grass sporysha store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.