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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Polygonum bistorta L.
    Cancer necks


    Russian names : cancer necks, gorlets, zmeevki; the Ukrainian: гірчак, ракові shijki, змійовик; the Polish: rdest wezownik.

    Family : Polygonaceae - grechishnye.

    Polygonum bistorta - cancer necks

    a Fig. 34. Polygonum bistorta - cancer necks

    The Perennial plant in height 30 - 100 sm with a thick rhizome, cherveobraznym or bent in the form of a cancer neck, outside black-brown, inside pink (in a fresh kind). Radical and bottom stem leaves with long winged chereshkami, large, stupid or sharp; top - linear, sedentary, all from below grey-green with short hairs or naked, slightly volnisto-vyemchatye. Flowers pink, sometimes white, are collected in cylindrical, stupid, dense, later kistevidnyj an ear. Blossoms in May-July. Grows on crude meadows, glades, more often on peat soil. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect rhizomes in the early spring or in the late autumn. Wash away in cold water, dry and store in boxes.

    In national medicine of a rhizome of cancer necks are popular as an astringent at treatment of wounds, bleedings, chirev, at diarrheas and at treatment of illnesses of a bladder.

    Inside . A powder of a rhizome of cancer necks on 0,5 g and 1,0 g on reception in oblatkah, the Zraza in day at summer diarrheas and a dysentery with very frequent desires and with blood. Of broth of cancer necks and tubers jatryshnika at a dysentery do after excrements small enemas.

    At stones bilious and a bladder give broth from 20,0 g cancer necks on 1 l of water - 1 - 1,5 glasses in day. Cook 20 minutes. The meatless diet, fat, fish, eggs, salt and alcohol is thus observed. Put hot-water bottles on sore points. Observe a confinement to bed. (At stones of a bilious bubble thus drink on 2 - 3 table spoons of juice from a black radish). The Same broth and in the same doses accept and at an inflammation of mucous membranes during time katara the thick guts which sign is specifically fetid slime in kalovyh weights.

    At bleedings from an internal (a stomach ulcer, guts) accept in each 2 hours on 1 table spoon broth from 5,0 g a powder of cancer necks and a tea spoon of seeds of flax on 200,0 g waters.

    Naruzhno . Of broth of cancer necks do lotions (15,0 g on 500,0 g waters) on inveterate wounds, on chiri and external ulcers.

    From cancer necks, in a mix with other plants, do broth for irrigatsy and vagina washings at beljah. For this purpose use such mix: small cut cancer necks - 20,0 g, grasses the shepherd's bag - 10,0 g, leaves omely - 15,0 g, an oak bark - 10,0 g, colours of yellow immortelles - 10,0 g, - 10,0 g and colours a yarrow - 15,0 All mix grasses of water pepper, take 10 spoons of this mix, fill in 2 l of water and cook half an hour on slow fire. This broth, very warm, are washed away and do deep syringing.

    Storage . The dry cut roots of cancer necks store in iron boxes.