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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Polygonum hydropiper
    Water pepper


    Russian names : water pepper, grechiha the peppery; the Ukrainian: гірчак, vodjany perets, bab'jachy гірчак; the Polish: rdest ostrogorzki, rdest wodny.

    Family : Polygonaceae - grechishnye.

    Polygonum hydropiper - water pepper

    a Fig. 35. Polygonum hydropiper - water pepper

    The Annual grassy plant with the branched out stalk, often reddish, bearing shining prodolgovato-lantsetnye leaves, is frequent with a black stain. Greenish or pinkish small flowers are collected in povislye or izgibistye faltering brushes, at the basis gradually passing in oblistvennyj a stalk. Leaves of bitterly-ostroperechnogo taste. The height of a plant 30 - 60 see Blossom July till October. Grows in crude places, about the rivers, ponds, ditches, in damp glades. It is extended everywhere.

    In the literature there are instructions that pepper water is a poisonous plant. In national practice of it do not mark.

    Collect all grass of this plant, srezyvaja it over the earth.

    The National medicine uses a grass of water pepper at bleedings from a uterus, at gemorroidalnyh bleedings and for sedentary baths at gemorroidalnom an itch in back pass. Use inside in water infusion (napar), naruzhno - in the form of hot irrigatsy and ointments. Last years some cases of attempts of application of strong broth of water pepper for the purpose of illegal abortion have been noticed. Whether can cause water pepper abortion, it is heavy confirm. On the contrary, it stops matochnye bleedings, and in it its major importance.

    At hemorrhoids treatment apply the next way: 400,0 g a fresh grass of water pepper, cook 15 minutes in 2 l of water, insist 20 minutes, filter. To broth add 2 glasses of very hot milk in which cooked approximately 400 g a roll cut on small slices. It and broth of a grass and a roll pour in all in a basin and sit down in it, trying, that gemorroidalnye cones were outside. Sit in such hot bath of minutes 15, are then washed away by warm water. This reception carry out after an excrement.

    Such baths repeat daily within a month.

    The Powder from a grass of water pepper (2 parts), mixed with a powder from colours a present lady's bedstraw (1 part), inveterate ulcers even with "фшъшь ь ёюь".

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    Tea from a grass of water pepper 20,0 g on 1 l of water drink at various bleedings, including matochnyh.

    At the description a yarrow ointment which use at hemorrhoids is specified.

    Storage . A grass of water pepper store in the wooden boxes which have been laid out by a paper.