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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Potentilla tormentilla Neck.,
    P. erecta (L.) Hampe,
    P. silvestris Neck.,
    Tormentilla erecta L.
    lapchatka uzik, kalgan


    Russian names : lapchatka uzik, kalgan, zavjaznyj a root, lapchatka the wood; the Ukrainian: perstach upright, dubrovka, kurjache зілля; the Polish: pieciornik lesny, pieciornik kurzy slad, kurze ziele.

    Potentilla tormentilla - lapchatka uzik, kalgan

    a Fig. 37. Potentilla tormentilla - lapchatka uzik, kalgan

    The Grassy perennial plant in height 10 - 40 sm, with thick bent or to straight lines, cylindrical, mnogogolovkovym (at old plants), inside a red rhizome and numerous thin additional roots. Stalks upright or rising, shortly-volosistye, it is up made an incision-pilchatye, with the pressed hairs. Stem leaves trojchatye, sedentary, nadrezannno-pilchatye with the pressed hairs. Flowers correct, single, pazushnye or top, on long thin pedicels. A nimbus from four golden-yellow petals, at the basis with a red speck. A cup neofalling from four internal and four external alternating segments.

    It is extended in a wood zone, and in steppe - on valleys of the rivers. Grows on slightly damp soil among bushes, on fields, meadows, pastures and peatbogs.

    Collect rhizomes of this plant in the early spring or in the late autumn.

    In national medicine basically roots as an astringent, in some places as otharkivajushchee and calming pains are applied. Apply it in the same cases, as well as Polygonum bistorta L more often.

    Cracks on a skin of hands, feet and on lips (especially from a wind) at children and adults grease with ointment from roots lapchatki: 5,0 g small cut roots lapchatki cook 5 minutes in a glass of the cow oil. Warm filter in a jar.

    Water broth of a root lapchatki (20,0 g on 1 l of water) serves as means for mouth rinsing at tsingotnyh diseases, and at quinsy - for throat rinsing.

    At diarrheas and a dysentery drink tea from roots lapchatki.

    Storage . The cut and dried up roots lapchatki store in boxes.