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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Primula officinalis (L.) Hill.
    Primrose medicinal (Primula vera L.).


    Russian names : a primrose medicinal, baranchiki, bukvitsa; the Ukrainian: первоцвіт лікарський, baranchiki; the Polish: pierwiosnka lekarska, pierwiosnek, kluczyki.

    Family : Primulaceae - pervotsvetnye.

    Primula officinalis - a primrose medicinal

    a Fig. 76. Primula officinalis - a primrose medicinal

    The Long-term grassy plant with the socket of radical leaves of the oval or jajtsevidno-oval form gradually narrowed in winged chereshok, strongly wrinkled, along the edges of wavy, gorodchato-gear. From the socket middle grows one or the several bezlistnyh tsvetonosnyh stalks, with colours above, collected in the hung umbrella. Flowers yellow with a tubular nimbus with small otgibom, with 5 orange stains in a pharynx. A rhizome very short, vertical with a bunch of thin roots. Blossoms since April till June. Grows on meadows, in bushes, on wood glades and in the rarefied woods, over roads, on slopes. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect separately a plant with colours and separately roots.

    Napar, sometimes broth 30,0 - 40,0 g roots on 1 l of water accept as otharkivajushchee means on a half-glass 2 - 3 times a day at dry cough and a bronchitis.

    Napar of colours 20,0 g or the whole plant 40,0 - 60,0 g on 1 l of water accept 1 l of water at cough, a bronchitis, a cold and in general at all kinds prostudnyh the illnesses connected with indispositions of a throat and lungs, and also for, washings of nostrils. Same napar drink at chronic locks, at a migraine and as a diuretic. On children this napar operates slightly snotvorno. It is noticed that at a migraine from reception such napara irritating sensitivity on light stops and gradually there passes a headache. At absence hips use a primrose plant, including it in a mix when it was required to give to the patient vitamin C.

    Storage . Flowers and leaves, and separately roots store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.