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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Prunus spinosa L.
    Sloe, blackthorn


    the Russian name : a sloe; the Ukrainian: teren; the Polish: tarnina, tarki.

    Family : Rosaceae - rozotsvetnye.

    The Ottopyrenno-branchy bush in height 1 - 3 m with prickly branches; young branches downy. Leaves prodolgovato-elliptic. Fruits - kostjanki, spherical, dark blue with grey touch. Flowers white, five-petal. Blossoms in April, May.

    Grows on slopes, on dry woods, bushes, on edges of woods, at roads, on mezhah, in ravines, on dry (abrupt) coast of the rivers. It is extended everywhere.

    There are in Ukraine two plants which slowly, but are persistently destroyed by the population. It is a blackthorn and an elder black . They are necessary for keeping not only as useful medicinal, but also economic plants.

    From a blackthorn collect all: roots, wood, a bark, flowers, fruits, top pigmentirovannyj a bark layer (for treatment of erysipelatous inflammations).

    Apply in the people flowers - as poslabljajushchee means, berries - as knitting, roots and. Wood - as sudorific, a bark - as a febrifuge.

    Blackthorn Flowers are applied also as the means raising activity of kidneys and a bladder, and in general at illnesses of the broken metabolism all almost. A dose - 50,0 g on 1 l of water as tea at locks, nephritic indispositions, illnesses of a bladder and various illnesses of a liver.

    Very delicately operating on peristaltiku guts and on kidneys, colour of a blackthorn clears an organism, first of all through urine, then through defekatsiju and, in the end of everything, by sweat allocation.

    Blackthorn Flowers as a necessary part, are used in gastroenteric and nephritic mixes of plants (about these mixes see further).

    Improving a metabolism, colour of a blackthorn thereby treats also those illnesses of a skin which in essence depend on infringement of this exchange.

    Mature fruits of a blackthorn, on my supervision, operate absolutely differently: while blackthorn flowers poslabljajut, berries knit, reducing quantity of desires.

    Of blackthorn berries do jam, tinctures on red wine, on vodka, etc.

    Broth from blackthorn roots drink drinks at the raised temperature (10,0 g on 500,0 g waters). Boil 15 minutes on small fire. By the same broth do syringings at beljah.

    The Young leaves of a blackthorn prepared now after its flowering, zaparivajut, as tea, also drink instead of the present tea to cause plentiful allocation of urine and an easy indulgence of intestines. Such tea is very useful to people who long time conduct a room way of life.

    Storage . The flowers of a blackthorn dried up in a shade are stored in well closed boxes; from time till time it is necessary to mix them.