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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Pulmonaria officinalis L.
    Pulmonaria obscura Duin.
    medunitsa medicinal and medunitsa not clear, lyogochnitsa


    Both plants in the people have identical application.

    Russian names : as above; the Ukrainian: medunka лікарська, medunka it is dark (for both plants public - smoktunchiki); the Polish: miodunka plamista, miodunka majowa, ptucne ziete and for the second plant - miodunka ciemnokwiatowa, miodunka crna, ptucnik.

    Family : Borraginaceae - burachnikovye.

    Pulmonaria officinalis - medunitsa medicinal

    a Fig. 77. Pulmonaria officinalis - medunitsa medicinal.

    The Long-term grassy plant with rhizomes. Radical leaves dlinnochereshkovye. Plants rough. Flowers on short legs in the curls collected on top of a stalk in a guard. Stalks upright, height 15 - 30 sm growing from a rhizome. At P. officinalis radical leaves heart-shaped-jajtsevidnye, pointed, in 1,5 times are longer than the width, with winged chereshkom; at R obscura radical leaves in 2 times are longer than the width. Nimbuses of colours disappearing, funneled at first red, then at the first - is bluish-violet, at the second - purpurno-violet. Blossom in April-May. Grow in thickets, among bushes, in deciduous woods

    Collect all plant, breaking at a root, and separately roots in the autumn. Dry quickly, in well aired place in avoidance pochernenija.

    The People use both medunitsy as otharkivajushchee means at a bronchitis, inflammations mucous respiratory ways and at other chest diseases accompanied by dry cough and a hoarseness. Usually use medunitsu in napare 30,0 - 40,0 g on 1 l of water.

    With success use napar all plant for washing of suppurating wounds, abscesses and so forth For this purpose also mix medunitsu with rose-petals, a grass of a horsetail field and an oak bark , the dose of everyone on 10,0 g, and medunitsy the Mix is drawn 15,0 and it is possible before boiling. Broth is applied also in the form of heating compresses and lotions.

    On supervision, receptions medunitsy inside in a kind napara from 40,0 g on 1 l of water well operate at intestinal illnesses (diarrheas, rezi in intestines, etc.). In the same cases are good and napary mixes of grasses: medunitsy 40,0 g, a linen seed and a root okopnika on 1 table spoon and 100 g hips on 1 l of water.

    Prepare napar since evening, and pound the hips which have bulked up in a liquid in the morning, filter twice and accept all the portion long drinks during the day.

    Napar of a root medunitsy in mixes with other herbs use also for irrigatsy at beljah (see about Lamium album L.).

    Storage . A grass medunitsy store in boxes laid out inside a paper.