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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Quercus L.


    the Russian and Ukrainian name : an oak; the Polish: dab.

    Family : Fagaceae - beechen.

    All a known tree, very durable. Blossoms in May when leaflets will seem.

    In the Late spring and collect a bark, but only from young lateral branches in the summer; fruits (acorns) - in the autumn when ripen and fall, and roots young an oak should be selected too in the autumn. Dubochki from which roots and a bark undertake, it is necessary to choose curves or kalechenye. It is economical use these national riches.

    The bark of young branches, first of all as strongly knitting and strengthening blood vessels means Is used in the people.

    Naruzhno use an oak bark in itself and in mixes. At strong potenii feet use baths from broths of an oak bark (50,0 - 100,0 g on 1 l of water). In the people such daily baths are considered vernejshim as means against potenija feet.

    At diarrheas the same broth mixed with a suspension of starch in a proportion 1 to 3 (suspensions to broth), apply to enemas (volume children's klistira); the same at a dysentery.

    In mixes :

    1. At tooth gumboils as hot rinsing from broth of a bark of an oak and napara in this broth sage leaves .

    2. At a rickets and zolotuhe use following structure of a mix: in equal doses approximately on 20,0 g, barks of an oak, a grass dushitsy , a root aira , colours a yarrow , on 40,0 g pine branches with needles, train grasses, grasses of a three-coloured violet , on 1 kg of wheaten bran, grains of the sprouted rye and leaves of a black currant . All together taken, pour into a sack and cook in it, having lowered in a copper or a bucket with vodoju, minutes 30. Wring out and dilute with water for a bath, and sack contents throw out.

    3. For irrigatsy at beljah at women use broth of the following mix of the plants taken fifty-fifty, on 20,0 g everyone: oak barks, branches omely , colours of a white deaf nettle, colours camomiles , rose-petals, yarrow grasses .

    4. For greasing prolezhnej at patients use ointment which prepare so: thin roots of an oak (2 parts), kidneys of a black poplar (1 part), cow (7 parts) draw oils within night in a warm oven, and boil half an hour on easy fire in the morning; filter, wring out and merge in bank. Consider that such ointment satisfies a pain, cools and promotes fast zazhivaniju wounds.

    In the end of summer on oak leaves there are spherical outgrowths caused by insects - "юЁх°ъш" - Gauls. From them prepare broth for lotions on oparennye or the burnt places of a body.

    The Ancient ink made of oak Gauls, before used for treatment of burns. Old men on villages for old time's sake and now for this purpose apply modern ink, of course, without any advantage. It was necessary to specify to them in their error.

    Inside . Approximately from 40,0 g oak barks on 1 l of water accept broth in the people at gastric bleedings, at English illness, at female illnesses with excessive monthly blood, at nephritic indispositions when in urine there is a blood, at very frequent desires on mocheispuskanie and at diarrheas.

    Storage . An oak bark store in bags.