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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Rhamnus cathartica L.
    krushina laxative,


    Russian names : krushina laxative, zhoster; the Ukrainian: жостiр (some wrongly name it "тютёшьш ягодами" confusing to other plant); the Polish: szaklak pospoliti.

    Family : Rhamnaceae - krushinnye.

    The Bush or a tree 1,5 - 4 m in the height, very similar on described above krushinu fragile, with that, however a difference that at zhostera leaves small-gorodchato-pilchatye, branches opposite, coming to an end a prickle, kidneys with cheshujkami (at krushiny fragile - without cheshuek). Flowers yellowish-green, only tychinochnye or only pestichnye, those and others more often on different individuals (is more rare on the same plant). The fruit black with 4, is more rare with 5 stones.

    Grows among bushes, on edges, thickets, on rural cemeteries. It is extended everywhere.

    In the people use dried berries zhostera as to laxatives in the form of broths. According to supervision, the dose individualization (from several tens berries and more) is necessary. On the same supervision, berries zhostera are not so much to the laxatives how many regulating intestines by means why they can be added and to fastening means.