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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Rhamnus frangula L.
    (A synonym: Frangula alnus Mill.)
    krushina fragile


    the Russian name : krushina the fragile; the Ukrainian: krushina lamka; the Polish: kruszyna pospolita.

    Family : Rhamnaceae - krushinnye.

    The Bush, sometimes a tree, height 1,5 - 3 m, with next, sharp, almost tselnokrajnimi leaves on which veins from the bottom party there are hairs. Branches and chereshki volosistye, without prickles. Petals of colours inside white, outside the greenish. Fruits at first red, mature - black with 2 - 3 stones. Blossoms in May - June.

    Grows on woods and bushes, on damp water meadows, among rod thickets, sometimes even along the edges of the rivers and among a reed. It is extended everywhere in forest-steppe, to Polesye, is more rare in the south of a steppe zone.

    Collect only a bark when it well lags behind wood (in the end of spring). Crude, still a soft bark small cut and dry in a shade on attics.

    The Bark krushiny not less two-year period of storage apply as a depletive. Fresher bark krushiny makes a sick and operates as emetic means.

    In national, doctoring use a bark krushiny at chronic locks, at a liver tumour, at hemorrhoids in a dose 20,0 g on 500,0 g waters. Cook 15 minutes. This quantity drink for a day in 5 - 6 receptions. The dose, the truth, is regulated by features of the patient, On one well small quantity, on others - bolshee operates. Having established the dose, the patient already then adheres to it constantly. Broth krushiny in comparison with others (especially chemical) a depletive is considered the most harmless, and to this means as consider, accustomings is not observed.

    Bark Broth krushiny use also at very plentiful monthly.

    From an itch if it is not so started, with success are treated by daily washing of a body by strong broth of a bark krushiny.

    The Bark krushiny in a dose corresponding to features of the patient, add almost to any mixes of herbs in all those cases when it is necessary to achieve a normal chair.

    Storage . A bark krushiny store in the wooden boxes which have been laid out by a paper, or in bags,