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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Rheum officinale
    Rhubarb medicinal


    the Russian name : a rhubarb; the Ukrainian: ревінь, rabarbar; the Polish: rabarbar.

    Family : Polygonaceae - grechishnye.

    Rheum officinale - a rhubarb medicinal

    a Fig. 38. Rheum officinale - a rhubarb medicinal.

    Well-known, cultivated as a food plant.

    As medical means in the people is not famous the person though it is applied to treatment katarov a stomach with insufficient acidity, at locks, at intestinal diseases, at an anaemia and even at a tuberculosis.

    Besides, in the people apply it at a sclerosis, at arthritises and in other cases, apparently, without special advantage.