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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Ribes nigrum L.
    Currant black


    the Russian name : a currant black; the Ukrainian: a currant chorna, порічки chorn і, Polish: porzeczka czarna, smorodynki (national).

    Family : Saxifragaceae - kamnelomkovye.

    Widely known cultivated bush in height 60 - 150 sm with trailing brushes of black berries ripening in July-August. Blossoms in May. Wildly grows on crude woods and ravines. It is extended in a wood zone.

    Collect young leaves now after flowering and mature berries.

    Napar from young leaves of a black currant in enough different doses, in the form of hot tea, drink at nakozhnyh illnesses, give to drink it to children, at zolotuhe and the general indispositions, accept at cold, at illnesses of a bladder and at nephroliths as a diuretic, and also at rheumatism and pains in joints. Svezhesobrannye leaves and use in the summer as spice at salting of vegetables in the autumn. Leaves and berries are an old national antiscorbutic.

    Juice from berries of a black currant and a syrup on sugar treat illnesses of a throat, a hoarseness, a whooping cough. At stomach ulcers, ahilii and everyones kataralnyh its conditions, and also at illnesses of intestines, accept juice from berries on 2 - 3 wine-glasses 3 times a day. Some mix fifty-fifty juice from berries of a black currant with juice from "яыюфют" a dogrose .

    Berries of a black currant, both in fresh, and in a dry kind, and also pounded with sugar accept (jam) in the same cases, as leaves.

    In the absence of berries and. Leaves some use kidneys of a black currant.