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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Rosa canina L.
    Rose wild,
    Rose dog, a dogrose


    Russian names : a rose wild, a rose dog, a dogrose; the Ukrainian: shipshina sobacha, dika trojanda; the Polish: dzika roza, szypczina.

    Family : Rosaceae - rozotsvetnye.

    The Well-known plant - a bush, having is a lot of kinds and versions; depending on it and fruits different in the form (false fruits, so-called gipantii). Grows on edges of woods, on cemeteries, on mezhah, roadside ditches, in ravines, among bushes, under fences, on slopes, etc. It is extended everywhere. Blossoms in the end of May, June and the beginning of July. In this sketch fruits gipantii we will name "°шя°шэющ".

    Collect: leaves during flowering, and mature fruits - later in the autumn, beginning approximately since October, 15th.

    In national medicine apply tea from shipshiny at such serious illness, as a scarlet fever, a typhus, an inflammation of kidneys, at illnesses of an intestines, a liver, a stomach, at sorts, at a tuberculosis. In these, as well as in other cases, the people, anything without knowing about vitamins earlier, used medical qualities of this plant (vitamin C.)

    To Hips together with kernels naparivajut in water (40 - 50 fruits on 1 litre of water) and, keeping to a certain diet, accept at a stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut, even with bleedings. The same at katare a stomach with the lowered gastric secretion, at different forms of an anaemia (including and an anaemia at the physically badly developed girls and young men, and also an anaemia with a malignant bias).

    Water infusion from shipshiny accept at illnesses of kidneys, a bladder and a liver, and especially at stone illnesses of these bodies, and also at all illnesses of a liver and bilious ways.

    Among the people tincture from hips on vodka is popular also. It prepare so: 1 glass dried (if fresh) or small cut (if dry) hips mix with 1 - 1,5 glasses of sugar of sand, fill in with 3 glasses 70 ° vodka, put for 5 days against the sun; for 6th day add 2 more - 3 glasses 40 ° vodka and again put under solar beams for 5 days; for 10th day filter, wringing out slightly from fruits. Drink on one vodka wine-glass (grammes 15) twice a day, after meal.

    Consider in the people that napar leaves of a rose dog as tea very well operates on a stomach: improves its motor function, calms pains in a stomach. Thus put a hot-water bottle on stomach area. Consider that the same tea at diarrheas reduces number of desires by a chair and promotes, as speak in the people, "юсхчтЁхцштрэш¦ урчют".

    Broth from dogrose roots is considered in the people an infallible remedy dissolving any stones in an organism or splitting them on separate grains of sand, and also perniciously operating on malarial parasites. Take 2 table spoons of small cut roots on 200,0 g waters and boil 15 minutes then insist, will not catch a cold yet.

    Drink this broth 3 times a day on 1 glass daily within a week and more.

    Storage . Hips store well dried, in the closed boxes, often checking, that have not grown mouldy. Dry in a shade or on the sun (but not in an oven or an oven)