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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Rubus caesius L.
    Blackberry grey


    the Russian name : a blackberry; the Ukrainian: ozhina, a supper; the Polish: ozina, jezyna popielica.

    Family : Rosaceae - rozotsvetnye.

    Sistematikami differs many kinds and versions of blackberries (especially Polish).

    In our description we mean the most popular and the most widespread R. caesius L., though in different districts apply that blackberry which at them grows.

    The Blackberry grey is a long-term semibushy plant, with year branches dugoobrazno-bent, covered small shipikami. Leaves green, slightly downy. Runaways with white touch. Petals of colours white, long enough. A fruit black. Blossoms from the end of May till the autumn. Grows in woods, on wood glades, in thickets, on coast of the rivers which have grown with bushes, at road ditches, on mezhah, over ravines, and sometimes it is possible to meet a blackberry and in the fields sowed by grain cereals; growth places are connected also with a kind and a version of blackberries. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect mature fruits for food, the purposes and as a sudorific, leaves - all the summer long, and roots only in the autumn.

    The People recognise the big medical value behind a blackberry and treat it katary guts and other intestinal indispositions, including diarrheas with blood. Besides, the blackberry is considered protivognilostnym means, krovoochishchajushchim and improving peristaltiku guts. Observed as after unsuccessful treatment katara guts different means good action of receptions on 3 cups (2/3 glasses) in day napara blackberry leaves (2 parts) together with tsvetkami nails (1 part). This simple folk remedy is very frequent helped better everyones others.

    At an anaemia drink tea on 3 glasses in day from the following mix of grasses: zveroboja - 3 spoons, colours of a deaf white nettle - 2 spoons and as much blackberry leaves. All mixes up. Filling in with boiled water, soar about 3 hours. Drink the hot.

    For People very nervous, irritable, especially at fits of hysteria, prepare tea from the following mix of grasses: jasmennika odorous - 20,0 g, blackberry leaves - 25,0 g, chebretsa - 10,0 g, grasses pustyrnika - 20,0 g, grasses sushenitsy marsh - 15,0

    The Same mix, only with an exception chebretsa and its replacement a hawthorn (flowers) - 10,0 g, is applied at "цхэёъюь ѕт фрэшш" (the termination monthly). After the ten-day use of tea from this mix considerably decreases "яЁшышт blood to уюыютх" the usual itch of a body, especially necks stops, headaches stop, appetite comes back, there is a strong healthy dream, and the woman before, apparently, hopelessly sick, as though "эрэютю Ёюцфрх=ё ". So, at least, women define and characterise improvement of the condition after reception of tea from specified above a mix.

    If to the above-stated mix (without chebretsa) to add 15,0 more g leaves omely the mix which apply in the form of tea will turn out, on 3 - 4 glasses daily, throughout enough long time at arterioskleroze and at blood pressure increase. At this treatment it is necessary to stop the use of any alcohol, tobacco smoking, the use of any hot dishes, to avoid heavy physical work, strong emotions and sincere experiences, to exclude from an egg food, meat, fish. Napar from leaves of a blackberry 50,0 g on 1 l of boiled water apply naruzhno in the form of lotions at a skin inflammation, at ekzeme, and also to mouth and throat rinsing.

    With success use blackberry leaves too for external treatment at a skin inflammation at ekzeme, and also at lishajah, fungi, etc., but not one blackberry, and in a mix with colours nails , a grass a horsetail , petals of a garden rose (which usually take on jam), a grass vervains , and an oak bark. All components take in equal parts and, having filled in with cold water, cook within 15 minutes.