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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Ruta graveolens L.
    ruta odorous


    At all Slavs the name - ruta.

    Family : Rutaceae - rutovye.

    Ruta graveolens - ruta odorous

    a Fig. 39. Ruta graveolens - ruta odorous.

    Well-known, planted in gardens and kitchen gardens, strongly odorous perennial plant (radio), 20 - 60 sm of height. Blossoms in June, July and partially in August. A plant poisonous.

    Collect only leaflets in the beginning of flowering of a plant.

    In the people it is used as the means calming pains at spasms of a stomach, stimulating appetite, vetrogonnoe and raising nerves. It is considered also abortivnym means.

    Inside .

    1. At strong rushes of blood to a head ("чрьюЁюёхээ " as speak in the people), in the absence of appetite and an indigestion, and also at other kinds of gastric indispositions accept 3 times a day on 10 drops spirit infusion ruty on a spoon of water or a sugar slice. Infusion prepare so: 1 part of juice from the fresh kneaded leaves ruty fill in with 6 parts of spirit, put for 10 days in a dark place then filter, wring out and again filter.

    2. For appetite excitation drink on 3 glasses in day napara from the following mix: leaves ruty - 2 parts (all on volume), the cut roots djagilja wood - 1 part, sage leaves - 1 part, grasses zolototysjachnika - 2 parts; napar from 3 table spoons of a mix on 3 glasses of boiled water.

    3. At a hysteria force the patient to drink drinks tea from napara leaves ruty and a root valeriany, taken in equal parts (1/4 glasses of a mix fill in with boiled water). For day of the patient drinks 1 glass of such tea.

    4. At stones of kidneys the following mix is used: 2 parts of leaves ruty and 1 part leaves of a wormwood divine-tree Artemisia abrotanum L. Days namachivajut in a red wine small amount (so that to humidify) then dry up in warm air and pound This mix in a powder. Accept 3 times a day on 2,0 g a powder on a wine wine-glass cherry to juice.

    5. At weak monthly "ё pains below цштю=р" accept broth of leaves ruty, mixed with parsley seeds : ruty 2 parts, parsley 1 part, waters 1,5 - 2 glasses. Cook 10 minutes. Drink drinks the whole day long no more than one glass.

    Naruzhno .

    1. Rutu mix with structure of other grasses applied to baths for rachitic and zolotushnyh of children.

    2. At, easing and hearing loss carry out the following medical procedure: take 5 handfuls of a rye flour, 1 handful of seeds caraway seeds and 1 handful mozhzhevelovyh berries, erase almost in a powder, knead and, adding waters, make the dough from which bake bread. When such bread still hot, peel off it, it is a little napityvajut spirit and all it, still hot, how many it is possible to sustain, obkladyvajut ears. When the dough will cool down, it remove, and in the channel of a sick ear or ears on cotton wool put rutovoe and almond oil, changing cotton wool daily.

    3. Suppurating eyes wash out the cotton wool moistened in oдном infusion of leaves ruty, and for the night of the same infusion do on eyes compresses. In the summer instead of infusion use the juice which has been squeezed out of kneaded leaves ruty.

    4. the Powder from leaves ruty, and in the summer crushed fresh leaves ruty (sometimes add to it honey) treat wounds.

    5. On places of bruises with bruises put, the pounded leaves ruty, mixed with almond oil.

    Storage . The dried up leaves ruty store in densely closed boxes.