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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Salvia officinalis L.
    Sage medicinal


    the Russian name : a sage; the Ukrainian: шавлія, шалфій; the Polish: szalwia.

    Family : Labiatae - gubotsvetnye.

    a Fig. 40. Salvia officinalis - a sage medicinal.

    The Long-term semibush in height 20 - 70 sm with stalks, at the basis usually is not enough oblistvennymi, ligneous serovojlochnymi, as well as all young stalks; with melkozubchatymi, petiolar leaves narrowed to the basis. Blossoms in June-July. A plant smell, especially at grinding in fingers, strong, specific. Wildly at us does not grow. The plant occurs from Asia Minor and at us is cultivated. On villages cultivate it in gardens, kitchen gardens, flower beds, as means, first of all for mouth and throat rinsing, especially at a toothache.

    Collect leaves and tops of stalks during flowering. The plant has come to the people through drugstores and became in it popular enough.

    Now it is possible to meet often sage application, as in the pure state, and in mixes with other grasses at treatment of illnesses of a gastroenteric path, illnesses of a liver and a bilious bubble, and also as diuretic, vetrogonnogo and an astringent.

    On supervision, water tincture of a sage (20,0 g on 1 l of boiled water - naparivaetsja closed) promotes digestion.

    Tea from sage leaves possesses protivognilostnymi properties and treats inflammatory processes in nephritic lohankah, facilitates otharkivanie at a long bronchitis.

    Besides, reduces night sweats at the consumptive.

    At gumboils, diseases of gums and throats the mix from two broths is good: from a sage (5 g on 1 glass of water - 10 minutes) and an oak bark (5 g on 1 glass of water). Both broths are filtered and mix up. Rinse the hot. During asthmatic attacks the good effect is given some by small inhalings from a cigarette made of dry leaves of a dope (the dope is poisonous) and a sage. A mix: to take half of small leaf a dope and one leaf of a sage, to braid a cigarette, to be tightened some times by not so strongly smoke. The attack passes. It, of course, does not treat an asthma, but brings simplification.

    Storage . Sage leaves store in densely closed boxes.