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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Sambucus ebulus L.
    Elder grassy


    Russian names : an elder grassy, an elder zelenik, an elder undersized; the Ukrainian: an elder trav'janista, buz smerdjuchy; the Polish: bez zielny, bez hebd, hebd.

    Family : Caprifoliaceae - zhimolostnye.

    Sambucus ebulus - an elder grassy, zelenik

    a Fig. 71. Sambucus ebulus - an elder grassy, zelenik

    The Grassy perennial plant in the form of a bush, height 60 - 150 sm, with a direct branchy furrowed stalk with a white core. Leaves neparnoperistye with 5 - 9 prodolgovato - lantsetnymi, pilchatymi the pointed leaflets. Prilistniki listovidnye, lantsetnye, pilchatye. An inflorescence - a flat, thyroid, upright whisk with 3 main branches. Flowers small with petals, inside white, outside the pinkish. Berries black. Blossoms in June-July. Berries ripen in August-September. All plant with a specific unpleasant smell. Grows at roads, on pastures, weed places, in old parks, forms thickets, also on edges of woods, among bushes, in ravines, on coast of streams, on slopes of railways, loves clay and glinisto-stony soil. It is extended in the Western Ukraine by islands, in a considerable quantity as a weed plant. In Left-bank Ukraine and to the north meets less often.

    According to the special literature, all parts of this plant are poisonous.

    In national doctoring have application roots, leaves and flowers. Roots, mainly from younger plants, collect in the autumn, and flowers and leaves - during flowering of these plants. Roots dry on furnaces, and leaves and flowers - in a shade on attics.

    Napar or broth of small cut roots (is more rare than leaves and colours) 30,0 g on 1 l of boiled water accept on 1 glass 3 times a day as strongly diuretic at a dropsy, especially nephritic origin.

    At nephrites, illnesses of a bladder and other diseases of uric bodies, and also at a diabetes a root of an undersized elder or its flowers, and sometimes leaves and berries (the last is very rare) add in corresponding mixes of grasses as their very important component.

    Storage . Roots store in bags, and leaves and flowers separately in densely closed boxes which have been laid out by a paper.