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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Sambucus nigra L.
    Elder black


    the Russian name : an elder black; the Ukrainian: an elder chorna; the Polish: bez czarni.

    Family : Caprifoliaceae - zhimolostnye.

    More often a bush, and sometimes and a tree, height from 2 to 6 m. Leaves neparnoperistye, usually with 5 jajtsevidnymi or prodolgovato-jajtsevidnymi, dlinnozaostrennymi neravnopilchatymi leaflets. Flowers are collected in flat shchitkovidnye inflorescences which after flowering from weight of fruits gradually hang. Flowers yellow-white, odorous. Fruits - black-violet berries with 3 stones. A core at branches the white. The elder grows in woods (especially over the rivers), in thickets, in old parks, in gardens, on rural cemeteries, about dwellings. It is extended everywhere. Blossoms in June-July.

    Collect young leaflets in the early spring, flowers - during full flowering, a bark - in the summer, berries - in the autumn. Most of all collect flowers and berries.

    More often elder flowers are used as slightly sudorific and a febrifuge, and also diuretic and krovoochishchajushchego.

    At colds, rattles in a breast and dry cough drink (on 3 glasses in day) napar colours of an elder in a dose approximately 20,0 g on 1 l of water. Thus recommend to lie in bed. The same tea-napar drink as krovoochistitelnoe means, and also at rheumatism, a gout and arthritises.

    Young, spring leaflets cook in honey and accept as delicate laxative at chronic locks.

    Broth of roots and a bark (on 15,0 g that and another on 1 l of water, boil 20 minutes) accept at illnesses of kidneys, at a dropsy and a diabetes. But in all these cases it is considered more effective not, Sambucus nigra and. Sambucus ebulus L. - an elder grassy.


    1. At pains in an ear, rheumatic pains and gouty tumours do hot obklady of the small sacks filled fifty-fifty with a mix of colours of an elder black and of a camomile , watered with boiled water.

    2. Take pure two-year runaways of an elder black, delete from them (scratch out) a knife the top grey layer of a bark, throw out it, then scratch out all other part of a bark to the wood (with a bark scratch out and kamby). Over the collected green layer of branches of an elder pour hot "ъюэюяы э№ь ьюыюъюь" and all it is cautious on a rag put to rozhistovospalennym to places. If will dry up, the slice of cotton wool wetted in same "ьюыюъх" slightly delete dried and again put the specified paste, the erysipelatous inflammation will not go out yet.

      the Note . What is konopljanoe milk? Well pounded konopljanoe a seed fill in with boiling water (on 2 parts of a seed 1 part of boiled water). All squeeze out it under a press. Received, the liquid also is "ъюэюяы эюх ьюыюъю".

    3. the Young leaves of an elder slightly boiled in milk, put on oprelye, the burnt and inflamed places, and also on gemorroidalnye cones.

    4. From a mix of colours of an elder, petals cornflowers , a shabby grass ochanki, taken on 1 tea spoon of everyone, do zaparku on a boiled water glass. Some times filter through a pure cloth. In the filtered pour in 15 - 20 drops spirit tinctures from seeds a dope (strongly poisonous). This liquid wash out eyes, start it on some drops in eyes and do compresses on eyes at their inflammation, suppurations and at an approaching cataract, especially at zolotushnyh patients. Means tested.

    From elder berries, both fresh, and dry, it is possible to do jam and kissels which are harmless even at the most strict diet, at the heaviest gastric and intestinal diseases. Thus boiled berries need to be pounded and filtered through a cloth.

    Storage . Elder flowers store in a dry place, it is better in boxes, and berries in sacks. Berries easily grow mouldy, they should be dried from time to time.