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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Saponaria officinalis
    mylnjanka medicinal


    Russian names : mylnjanka, a soap root; the Ukrainian: milnjanka, dike it is lovely; the Polish: mydlnica lekarska, mydlik.

    Family : Caryophyllaceae - gvozdichnye.

    Saponaria officinalis - mylnjanka medicinal

    a Fig. 41. Saponaria officinalis - mylnjanka medicinal.

    The Long-term grassy plant with creeping rhizomes. Stalks straight lines, height 30 - 100 sm, naked or korotkopushistye. Leaves ovalnolantsetnye, cups spajnolistnye. Flowers are collected in shchetkovidnuju a brush, white or light pink, odorous. Blossoms from June till September.

    Grows in bushes, on water meadows, in nadrechnyh loznjakah, on the littered fields, it is frequent and about habitation, in the started flower beds, sometimes gets divorced as decorative. It is extended in a small amount.

    Collect the late fall only rhizomes with roots. In the people mylnjanka it is not considered a poisonous plant, though, under some references, "чтх=№ and roots with vodoju at grinding  фютш=№".

    Accept napar or broth of rhizomes with roots mylnjanki as diuretic and krovoochishchajushchee, as slightly sudorific, otharkivajushchee and improving a metabolism in an organism means. In the past pharmaceutical shops, dragisty smartly traded in a root mylnjanki both as a medical product, and as "ь№ыіэ№ь ъюЁэхь" for washing of woollen and silk products, and also for deducing of stains on clothes. Applied it as well as house cosmetic means.

    In the people use root broth mylnjanki (50,0 g cook 10 - 15 minutes in 1 l of water) in a dose 3 - 4 glasses for a day at gastroenteric indispositions, at illnesses of kidneys, a liver and a spleen, and especially at the illnesses connected with infringement of a metabolism, accompanied by skin inflammations, chirjami, abscesses and so forth

    At venereal illnesses drink broth of the following mix: a root mylnjanki - 15,0 g, a root an elder grassy - 15,0 g, grasses gryzhnika - 15,0 g and colours vjazolistnoj - 15,0 Take 4 tea spoons (with top) mixes on 4 glasses of water and cook meadow-sweets 10 - 15 minutes. For a day drink 3 - 4 glasses.

    At illnesses of a spleen take on 20,0 g a root mylnjanki and barks willows , and this mix is boiled by 15 minutes in 1 l of water. Reception: 3 glasses in day

    Storage . Rhizomes with roots mylnjanki store in bags.