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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Tanaceyum vulgare L.
    Tansy ordinary


    Russian names : a tansy an ordinary, wild mountain ash; the Ukrainian: pizhmo, pizhmo dika gorobinka; the Polish: pizmo, wrotycz.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Tanaceyum vulgare - a tansy ordinary

    a Fig. 43. Tanaceyum vulgare - a tansy ordinary.

    The Long-term grassy plant in height 60 - 150 sm with a strong (camphor) smell. Leaves next, peristo-rassechennye with prodolgovato-lantsetnymi peristo-made an incision pilchatymi sites. The bottom leaves the petiolar, top sedentary. Baskets of colours are collected in shchitkovidnoe an inflorescence. Flowers yellow, are collected in dense small baskets (as buttons from a shirt). A rhizome short, branchy. The tansy since June almost till the end of September blossoms. Grows at rural huts, on cemeteries, on mezhah, at roads, ditches, on dry meadows, is more rare on bushes and woods, sometimes on places for a long time than the dried up ditches and ponds. Some peasants plant in the front gardens. It is extended everywhere, but not in very considerable quantities.

    Collect young flowers with baskets or pull out them from baskets in June-July, and mature seeds (dark kernels) - in the autumn. To dry flowers it is necessary quickly.

    Napar from colours of a tansy (20,0 g on 1 l of water) accept in the people at nesvarenii and at pains in a stomach, at diarrheas, as means febrifugal, sudorific and well influencing intestines; probably that the tansy in some cases operates thanks to the maintenance in it of bitter substances.

    However use a tansy mainly as a helminthic against askarid and ostrits, and also as insektitsidnoe means (fleas, flies and so forth). For removal of worms use both colours and seeds more often). A dose: 1 teaspoon of the pounded fruits of a tansy on reception, and napar colours as it is specified above.

    Against worms, especially ostrits, use a tansy still as follows: in 2 glasses of milk boil cut "чѕсч№" from two average heads of the garlic, mixed with a powder or paste from 1 table spoon of grains of a tansy. Cook in the closed vessel on easy fire of 10 minutes, considering from the boiling moment. All this broth filter, wring out also the warm enter in the form of an enema, detaining him it is possible longer. Usually together with kalom leave paralysed ostritsy. Enemas such repeat before full removal ostrits that define on the itch termination in back pass.

    Storage . All collected parts of a tansy are stored separately in well corked boxes.