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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Taraxacum officfnale Wіgg. (Taraxacum vulgare Schrank., Leontodon taraxacum L.)
    Dandelion medicinal


    the Russian name : a dandelion; the Ukrainian: kulbaba (sometimes, confusing to other plants, name it "ьюыюёрщ"); the Polish: mniszek lekarski.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Popular, all known, very widespread plant. A weed. A perennial plant. Blossoms since spring - the whole summer.

    Collect roots in the early spring or the whole plant is better in the late autumn and in a small amount during flowering. On taste roots bitterish.

    First of all, in the people dandelion roots as means are used at illnesses of a liver, besides, as means, exciting digestion, is easy poslabljajushchee, krovoochishchajushchee and otharkivajushchee. As poslabljajushchee it use at chronic locks, at hemorrhoids. In broth a root accept in a dose 30,0 g on 1 l of water on 1 reception of a half-glass, and in a powder - on a tip of a knife 3 times a day.

    The Dandelion accept also inside in a kind napara and broth in the same dose specified above, at rashes, spots, furunkuleze.

    If at treatment use only a root do broth if the whole plant - that in a kind napara more often.

    One of national recipes to whom attribute known efficiency, namely: on 1 table spoon of small cut roots of a dandelion and a burdock fill in with 3 glasses of water, namachivajut within night, boil on small fire of minutes 7 in the morning, put aside and give naparitsja covered even minutes 20, filter. Accept 3 times a day on a half-glass. At the same time the places amazed ekzemoj, grease with ointment from 100,0 g birch tar, 50,0 g fresh cream and 4 crude yolks well mixed and pounded within 15 minutes. For washing off of this ointment use warm whey from otogretogo sour milk.

    Storage . Roots and all plant of a dandelion store in boxes, separately.