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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Tilia L.


    Russian, Ukrainian and Polish names - a linden (liра).

    Family : Tiliaceae - lime.

    The Well-known tree. Blossoms in the beginning of July. Collect flowers of lindens (all three principal views: Tilia tomentosa Moench., T. Cordata Mill. And T. platyphyllos Scop.) and in a small amount linden fruits. In national doctoring there are cases of the use of wood of a linden, as well as it kambija, together with kidneys.

    Flowers (are actually used not only flowers, and the whole inflorescences together with pritsvetnym sheet) lindens are the most popular national sudorific. Use napar in the form of hot tea for the night before a withdrawal to a dream. As linden flowers use a sudorific as in itself, and in mixes: colours of a linden - 5,0 g, colours korovjaka ) - 2,0 g and colours an elder black - 3,0 Such mix zaparivajut 2 glasses of boiled water, filter, wring out and drink the hot. Linden flowers often add to mixes for treatment of different illnesses, especially diseases of a stomach, a liver, intestines and kidneys, not to mention colds.

    Linden Kidneys, rastolchennye in the dough, use as softening means at abscesses; in the same cases use also linden leaves, and also kambiem (scratching out it from an internal part of a bark and from wood after bark removal). From kambijnoj fabrics grease with weight also burns.

    From wood of a linden by otgona receive a liquid which name in the people "чрЁёъющ тюфъющ" also use it for disinfection of subjects and clothes after infectious illnesses.

    From coals of a lime tree prepare the smallest powder and accept it on 3 - 4 tea spoons in day at diarrheas, a swelling, an eructation, a dysentery, etc. The same powder clean a teeth, it treat a throat tuberculosis. Since a dose "эр a tip эюцр" daily increase it and by 10 day reach a table spoon on reception then this dose accept daily throughout 3 weeks. At the same time together with a coal powder sometimes accept daily (2 times a day) on 1 table spoon of linen oil.

    The Reader already knows under the description okopnika that a powder from linden grains stop bleedings from a nose and from wounds.

    Storage . Linden flowers store in a box, coal in boxes in a dry place.