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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Triticum repens L.
    Agropyrum repens (L.) P. B.
    Elytrigia repens (L.) Desv.
    Wheat grass creeping


    the Russian name : a wheat grass; the Ukrainian: пирій; the Polish: perz.

    Family : Gramineae - cereals.

    Triticum repens - a wheat grass creeping

    a Fig. 45. Triticum repens - a wheat grass creeping.

    Widely known extended kornevishchnyj a weed. Early vesnoju or in the autumn, and also in the summer on steam fields, at cultivation and boronovanii remove the whole heaps of thin rhizomes of a wheat grass. It is necessary to collect, wash it in cold water, to spread for short time, for the sun and a wind that zavjal, and then to dry up on an attic.

    In national medicine use wheat grass rhizomes as means diuretic, krovoochistitelnoe, slightly poslabljajushchee and restoring the broken metabolism.

    Napar from wheat grass rhizomes (60,0 g on 1 l of boiled water) accept at gastroenteric diseases, at bilious and nephroliths, at all skin illnesses, at furunkuleze, and also as otharkivajushchee means. In the latter case the mix from a wheat grass, lime colour, colours an elder black , leaves podbela and colours korovjaka is applied. All components in a mix undertake in equal parts. Accept daily on 3 glasses such napara in a dose - 1 table spoon of a mix on a boiled water glass. This napar accept at many chest diseases.

    At chirjah and the abscesses appearing often one after another and on some in different places of a body, accept during 3 - 4 weeks daily on 3 glasses strong napara wheat grass rhizomes.

    Wheat grass Broth use for enemas at chronic locks, napar for baths at skin diseases, at zolotuhe and English illness.

    Storage . The cut dry rhizomes of a wheat grass store in bags.