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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Tussilago farfara L.


    Russian names : mother-and-stepmother, podbel, kamchuzhnaja a grass; the Ukrainian: підбіл, mati-j-machuha; the Polish: podbial kopyto (suto national).

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Tussilago farfara - mother-and-stepmother

    a Fig. 46. Tussilago farfara - mother-and-stepmother.

    In the Early spring on clay and glinisto-cretaceous soils of slopes of hills, ravines, and also on mezhah, suburbs of fields, in dry ditches, suburbs of the meadows passing in a ploughed land, there are the yellow flowers similar on a dandelion which blossom to the middle of May. After flowering leaves start to develop. It also is mother-and-stepmother. A plant long-term, grassy with a creeping, underground, branchy rhizome. Leaves okrugloserdtsevidnye, angularly-nerovnozubchatye, dense, under the form remind the bottom surface of a horse hoof, from below belovojlochnye ("=хяы№х - ьр=і" a little;), from above smooth ("§юыюфэ№х - ьрёх§р"). Leaflets of a blossoming stalk scaly, jajtsevidno-lantsetnye, upright, sharp, often brownish. Baskets (inflorescence) before flowering hung. The plant everywhere is extended.

    Collect flowers of this plant in the early spring, and young leaves - through 2 - 3 weeks after obsemenjajutsja baskets.

    In national medicine leaves mother-and-stepmother together with colours in a kind napara are applied at different kinds of chest and pulmonary illnesses as otharkivajushchee means, the easy sudorific. Besides, napar from a mix of leaves and colours mother-and-stepmother in a dose 20,0 - 30,0 g on 1 l of boiled water accept and in other cases of inflammations of a mucous membrane, as well as at katarah a stomach and guts, at nephritic diseases, at katare a bladder.

    At a cold involve in nostrils the juice which has been squeezed out of fresh leaves.

    Instead of napara in the cases specified above use a powder from leaves on 1 / 3 a tea spoon 3 times a day (a tea spoon with top of a powder from leaves divide for equal 3 portions).

    At a pneumonia, long cough, a bronchitis, a hoarseness and other diseases of respiratory ways drink napar from a mix of the following herbs taken in equal parts on volume: leaves and colours mother-and-stepmother, the shattered dry roots okopnika, lime colour, colours an elder black , rhizomes of a wheat grass, colours korovjaka - 1 table spoon with mix top on 1 glass of boiled water.

    Naruzhno . The juice which has been squeezed out of fresh sheet mother-and-stepmother, on a rag or directly sheet it put to suppurating wounds, ulcers, abscesses. It is considered in the people the means healing wounds.

    At a hair fall and at plentiful dandruff with a skin itch on a head of time three in a week wash a head in strong broth from a mix of leaves of a nettle and the leaves mother-and-stepmother taken fifty-fifty.

    Storage . Leaves and flowers store mother-and-stepmother in wooden boxes, vystlannyh a paper.