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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Urtica dioica L.
    And Urtica urens L.
    Nettle dvudomnaja and a nettle


    Russian names : as above; the Ukrainian: 1) - kropiva dvodomna, kropiva it is great, 2) - kropiva it is pity, kropiva it is small, kropiva zhigavka; the Polish: 1) pokrzywa zwyczajna, 2) pokrzywa zegawka.

    Family : Urticaceae - krapivnye.

    Widely known plants, and the first in height 30 - 150 sm, a perennial plant; the second in height 15 - 60 sm, an annual plant with elliptic lopastnymi leaves of the small sizes, more burning, than previous. Grow in weed places, in kitchen gardens, gardens. Are extended everywhere. Blossom since June till late autumn. It is known that burning hairs of a nettle contain ant acid.

    Collect leaves and nettle flowers, roots - in the late autumn.

    From nettle leaves on 1 tea spoon 3 times a day use Fresh juice at krovoharkanii, at bleedings from a nose, at gemorroidalnyh bleedings and at excessive monthly blood. Napar from colours and nettle leaves in a dose 50,0 - 60,0 g on 1 l of boiled water drink at a malaria, at small allocation of urine, at chronic skin illnesses, spots, rashes, chirjah.

    At plentiful beljah drink on 3 tea spoons in day juice from leaves of a nettle burning (small), and at long monthly blood - tea from napara leaves of a nettle burning (small) - 50,0 g on 1 l of boiled water - on 1 glass 3 times a day.

    At spleen tumours accept 3 times a day on the end of a knife a powder from a mix (in equal parts): sage leaves , leaves lantsetolistnogo a plantain and leaves of a nettle burning, washing down with water.

    When on a body from time to time appear chiri, spots, rashes, at an itch, at small quantity of urine, at locks in the people say that it occurs from "чруЁ чэхэш " blood. In such cases do a mix of equal parts: leaves of a nettle burning, dandelion leaves and colours of a blackthorn . For a day portion take 2 table spoons of a mix, fill in with 2 glasses of boiled water and soar in an oven 2 - 3 hours. Drink daily within 2 weeks. At this time eat exclusively dairy food; the meatless diet, eggs, fish, is forbidden vodka, beer.

    At hemorrhoids when cones are located, inside and strongly is ill in a waist, and in a stomach below a navel are felt rezi, daily drink on 4 glasses of broth from leaves of a nettle burning and barks krushiny (№ 42) (stale, i.e. Not fresh, and gathering of last years), everyone on 8,0 g on 1 l of water. The mix is boiled by 10 minutes, considering from a minute of boiling.

    At a dysentery drink napar from a mix of leaves of a nettle, burning and blackberries on 1 tea spoon of boiled water everyone on 1,5 glass (a day portion); naparivajut within 2 hours per an oven.

    In most cases nettle applications as krovoochistitelnogo means use not only nettle leaves, but also rhizomes with roots (napar-infusion) as nettles a two-blast furnace (ordinary), and nettles of burning (small).

    Naruzhno . At rheumatism nazhalivajut sore points a nettle also rub with ordinary kerosene. Alternate: one day rub, another - nazhalivajut a nettle.

    At a hair fall 3 times a week wash a head in strong broth a heather , burdock roots and roots of a nettle burning. Sometimes to this mix add still cones hop.

    At a bleeding from a wound put pure rags, which before it napityvajut juice from the kneaded leaves of a nettle burning. Some national "чэр=юъш" such juice stir with juice from the whole blossoming plant crumpled in homogeneous weight a lady's bedstraw , wash this juice a wound and put it on a rag.

    Storage . Shabby leaves of a nettle are stored in boxes, and rhizomes with roots in bags.