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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Vaccinium myrtillus L.


    the Russian name : a bilberry; the Ukrainian: chornitsja, чорні jagodi; the Polish: borowka chernica, czarne jagody.

    Family : Ericaceae - vereskovye.

    Vaccinium myrtillus - a bilberry

    a Fig. 47. Vaccinium myrtillus - a bilberry.

    The Perennial plant in height 15 - 50 see Leaves jajtsevidnye or prodolgovato-jajtsevidnye, small, slightly sharp, melkopilchatye, on very short chereshkah, kozhistye, from both parties light green, from below with mesh veins. Flowers zelenovato-white with a pink shade. Berries black with glaucescent touch, inside ordinary purple. Blossoms in May-June. Grows in woods, mainly in the coniferous.

    Collect mature berries and leaves during flowering. The bilberry is the most popular national herb, especially its berries, both dried, and fresh, and also filled up by sugar. Use at an indigestion, pains in a stomach and an intestines and at diarrheas. Fresh berries use at katare a stomach, and dried in broth or strong napare at katare guts, frustration of intestines and diarrheas is more often.

    The National medicine uses also bilberry berries in a mix with wild strawberry berries . For this purpose all strawberry period proceeding usually about 3 weeks, sick of chronic frustration of intestines, katarom a stomach and the lowered acidity of gastric juice and sick with an anaemia together with bilberry receptions eat and wild strawberry .

    Wild strawberry and a bilberry separately, in a mix and alternating, it is recommended, is at stones of kidneys, including at very painful attacks. In the latter case recommend to do hot baths of broth ovsjanoj straw , mixed (half-and-half) with a horsetail grass .

    At a diabetes recommend tea from bilberry leaves (60,0 g for 1 l of boiled water). At frequent insufficiency in these cases of gastric juice add bilberry leaves to corresponding mixes of other herbs (see about treatment katarov a stomach with insufficient acidity of gastric juice).

    At gemorroidalnyh bleedings do enemas from napara bilberry leaves (60,0 g on 1 l of boiled water).

    Densely welded (to cook not for long) fresh berries of a bilberry a thick layer put on amazed ekzemoj body places, obkladyvajut with a gauze and tie. Such obklady change daily, and the dried gauze otmachivajut warm pure whey from sour milk. With the same broth and on the same way grease rashes on a skin, spots, nekroticheskie ulcers and burnt or oparennye places.

    Always, almost without an exception, it was necessary to observe the big efficiency from reception of fresh berries of a bilberry in considerable quantities at a gout, rheumatism and other kinds of illnesses, at the broken metabolism.

    For berries of a bilberry, especially fresh, that feature is characteristic that (I start with repeated supervision) they, fastening intestines at diarrheas, at the same time treat chronic locks. After bilberry therapy peristaltika settles into shape for very long time. Proceeding from it, I consider that bilberry berries are not only fastening means (as it is considered to be in a house life), and, more truly, the means regulating or normalising gastroenteric functions.

    Storage . Dried berries of a bilberry store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper, and leaves - in bags.