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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Vaccinium vitis idaea L.


    the Russian name - a cowberry; the Ukrainian: brusnitsja, bruslinchik, a cowberry shrub; the Polish: borowka brusznica.

    Family : Ericaceae - vereskovye.

    Vaccinium vitis idaea - a cowberry

    a Fig. 48. Vaccinium vitis idaea - a cowberry.

    The Perennial plant in the form of evergreen steljushchegosja a bush. Branches roundish, with a down, 8 - 25 sm of length. Leaves remain for the winter; kozhistye, from above it is dark, from below light green with blackish dot dimples, obratnojajtsevidnye or elliptic, stupid with bent, sometimes slightly jagged edges, with not clear veins. Blossoms in May-June. Flowers in the close hung top brushes, on short pedicels, small with white or pinkish nimbuses in the form of four-gear hand bells. Berries red, ripen in August. Grows in the coniferous and mixed woods, between bushes, occasionally on bogs, on vereskovyh wood glades. It is extended in wood areas.

    Collect mature berries, leaves during flowering of plants.

    Sourish and pleasant berries on taste use crude, mochenymi in water, dried and boiled with sugar - at katare a stomach with insufficient gastric, acidity, at diarrheas, rheumatism, a gout. Operate very much mochegonno and as consider, without harm for kidneys, even at the big doses.

    It is characteristic that cowberry berries, crude and boiled even without sugar, long do not give in to damage. Mistresses often cook them without sugar with sweet pears and apples, and such jam long remains. It tells all about some antibioticheskih properties of a cowberry.

    Broth from cowberry leaves drink at stones of kidneys and a bilious bubble. For this purpose take a handful of cowberry leaves on 3 glasses of water and boil 10 minutes. Drink for a day in three steps. Such broth is considered useful not only at illnesses of kidneys, but also and a liver.

    Broth from cowberry leaves treat a bed wetting which is frequent enough, sometimes in the burdensome form, happens at children! Despite of that leaves operate mochegonno, in these cases the known effect is observed. In such cases use a mix from berries and leaves of a cowberry with addition of 2 spoons grasses zveroboja . This mix is boiled by 10 minutes in 3 glasses of water. Reception: 3 glasses in day, since 4 o'clock in the afternoon and finishing a withdrawal to a dream.

    Cowberry water which receive from vymachivanija cowberry berries, has laxative property, and at the same time consider that it " гонит" solitera. But, authentically about it it is not known.

    Storage . Leaves of a cowberry and dried berries store in the wooden boxes which have been laid out by a paper; berries - in the form of every possible jams, juice, jam, etc.