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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Valeriana officinalis L.
    valeriana medicinal


    Russian names : valeriana, maun; the Ukrainian: валеріана, maun, odoljan, the goat; Polish - koslek lekarski.

    Family : Valerianaceae - valerianovye, maunovye.

    Valeriana officinalis - valeriana medicinal

    a Fig. 49. Valeriana officinalis - valeriana medicinal.

    Kind Valeriana officinalis L is so-called "ёсюЁэ№ь тшфюь". Systematisation divide it into some kinds and versions; among V. Palustris Kr. - valeriana marsh V. Polygama Bast. - valeriana raznopolaja, it V. Simplicifolia (Rchb.) Kab. - century tselolistnaja V. Stolonifera Czern. - century pobegonosnaja, etc.

    In the people medicinal advantage any of the specified kinds specially do not shade, but consider as more curative roots of the plants growing on dry places.

    Valeriana - a long-term grassy plant in height from 100 to 150 see In the first year usually a plant forms the socket of radical leaves, without growing in tsvetonosnyj a stalk; the same sockets are formed on growing gonah at some separate kinds. Leaves opposite, neparno-peristoslozhnye, leaflets jajtsevidno-lantsetnye, jagged or tselnokrajnie. A straight line stalk, furrowed. An inflorescence large, branchy, its separate parts in the form of difficult guards. Flowers small, bisexual, pink or white. Blossoms usually in June, July and some as well in August. Grows on marshy places, in pojmah the rivers, on travjanisto sedge bogs, in crude bushes, among loznjakov. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect roots and rhizomes in the early spring or in the late autumn. Having dug out, well clear of the earth, wash in cold water and dry in a shade. Tinctures prefer to prepare from the rhizomes collected on raised places.

    Roots and rhizomes valeriany have an original smell, bitter, a bit burning taste. The smell valeriany involves cats why its roots, especially at drying, it is necessary to preserve against them as they can spoil them.

    Our people well know valerianu and salutary properties of its roots and rhizomes use at treatment of many illnesses.

    First of all, the people consider valerianovye roots with rhizomes the means calming nerves, but, besides, and the means promoting digestion, "ЁрчюуЁхтр¦Ёшь" a gastroenteric path, vetrogonnym, and also glistogonnym.

    From roots with rhizomes valeriany prepare tinctures water, spirit (sometimes and radio) which use at nervous vozbuzhdenijah, shocks, at a hysteria, at spasms, at an epilepsy, heavy sincere experiences, a sleeplessness, palpitation, as the means supporting forces, at diarrheas (especially radio tincture) and in other cases about what it will be told more low.

    Spirit tincture, or so-called valerianovye drops, prepare so: 1 part of small cut roots valeriany fill in with 5 parts 70 ° spirit, i.e. Strong vodka, and in warm (to 25 ° a place insist the whole week. A liquid merge, in it wring out the rest, allow to settle and filter through a cloth or a throughput paper. Inside give from 15 drops to 3,0 ml a day.

    Radio tincture on villages do so: 1 part small cut (in a large powder) valerianovogo a root draw 4 days in 4 parts 90 ° spirit, then add 2 parts of an aether and still insist 3 days. A liquid merge, in it wring out the rest, allow to settle and filter through a leaky throughput paper. The transparent yellowish liquid turns out.

    Once, during cholera epidemic, accepted as a prophylactic of times in day 0,5 quinines, and in 3 hours radio valerianovuju tincture (15 - 20 drops), mixed with tincture from makovyh green heads (15 - 20 drops). So every 2 day on the third.

    Water tincture from pounded valerianovyh roots (wet 5 hours per warm water) in a day dose 5,0 - 15,0 g on 180,0 g waters consider as a good demulcent at belly-aches, nervous shocks, spasms in a uterus, at a sleeplessness, etc.

    To Babies at a belly-ache (this pain learn if the child rubs a leg about a leg, turns in knees to a tummy and painfully cries) give on a tea spoon of hourly water tincture valerianovogo a root and consider that it drives gases and a little slabit.

    Valerianovye use roots in different mixes of grasses in various cases what time and again it is mentioned in the given sketches.

    Valerianovye roots are used also in the form of a powder, in a dose 1,0 g - 2,0 g on one reception and no more than 3 - 4 powders in day at a typhus, a scarlet fever, a pneumonia, matochnyh indispositions, at a migraine.

    At an inflammation of eyes, in the summer during a drought, from water napara valerianovogo a root and ochanki do for the night compresses and wash out it eyes in the afternoon.

    To Children at a nervous shock (fright) with convulsions give 5 times a day on 7 - 10 drops valeriany in a tea spoon of water. Besides drops inside, at an epilepsy bathe the child in warm broth of roots valeriany: a handful on 1 l of water. A bath such do every other day within 15 minutes (before a dream).

    At such condition when in a stomach emptiness is felt, language is imposed, the head aches a bit, - drink on 3 glasses in day of warm tea from the following mix of grasses: 6 table spoons a yarrow boil 10 minutes in 1 l of water, into hot broth pour 1 table spoon a wormwood , 2 spoons a peppermint and 1 table spoon of small cut root valeriany. Half an hour soars.

    Correctly hranimyj the root valeriany should have all prominent features inherent in it: a smell, colour, taste etc., about what it has been told above. If any of the specified properties is absent, consider its unusable and replace fresh.

    Storage . Roots with rhizomes valeriany is better to store in densely closed boxes which have been laid out by a paper.