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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Veratrum album L.
    Ver. Lobelianum Bernh.
    ch emeritsa Lobelja
    (Very much a poisonous plant)


    Russian names : chemeritsa Lobelja (a version white), or chemeritsa white (allocated with some in the separate kind growing in mountain districts); Ukrainian - chemeritsja (6iла); Polish - czemierzyca biala.

    Family : Liliaceae - lilejnye.

    Veratrum Lobelianum - chemeritsa Lobelija

    a Fig. 93. Veratrum Lobelianum - chemeritsa Lobelija

    The Long-term grassy plant with simple or consisting of several heads Rhizome and numerous whitish roots. A stalk thick, height 50 - 170 Leaves stebleobemljushchie, elliptic and jajtsevidno-lantsetnye (top) see, Pointed, from below with a short down, tselnokrajnie, dugonervnye or (bottom) Is wide-elliptic, large. Flowers flavovirent or burovato-green, collected In top metelchatoe an inflorescence. Blossoms since June till the end of August. Grows on To crude meadows, glades, sometimes in pojmah than the rivers is closer to a waterless valley, between bushes. It is extended in forest-steppes and Polesye, meets everywhere, but not in the big Quantity.

    Collect rhizomes with roots in the early spring or in the autumn, wash and dry On an attic.

    In the people, owing to very big jadovitosti, a plant use only naruzhno.

    With Broth of roots moisten a head at strong pediculosis, tincture chemeritsy add to ointments against an itch and for vtiranija at neuralgic and rheumatic pains. Tincture prepare so: 1 part small cut a rhizome roots fill in with 120 parts of spirit or very strong moonshine, insist 2 weeks, filter and merge in a bottle.

    Storage . All parts chemeritsy and tincture store in a certain place, as poison.