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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Valeriana officinalis L.
    valeriana medicinal,
    Imperial sceptre


    Russian names : korovjak skipetrovidnyj, an imperial sceptre, divanna; the Ukrainian: korov'jak, divina скіпетровидна; the Polish: dziewanna wielkokwiatowa, dziewanna lekarska.

    Family : Scrophulariaceae - norichnikovye.

    Verbascum thapsiforme - korovjak skipetrovidnyj

    a Fig. 50. Verbascum thapsiforme - korovjak skipetrovidnyj

    Korovjakov is some kinds and versions, but in the people glory uses, first of all, above-stated, and also very similar to it Verbascum phlomoides L. - korovjak shaggy, different from previous the leaves more jajtsevidnoj forms, almost nizbegajushchimi on length. Korovjak - a two-year plant; giving usually in the first year the socket of leaves, on the second he grows in tsvetonosnyj a stalk in height 30 - 200 sm: leaves large, prodolgovato-elliptic, gorodchatye, average and top; nizbegajushchie on all length mezhduuzlija. All plant sherstisto-felt. Flowers light yellow, large, are collected densely in a brush, on the top part of a stalk and from top to bottom is a bit more rare - bunches. A smell of fresh colours gentle, dry smell as honey. Blossoms since June till the end of August gradually from a bottom of a brush to top. Grows on hills, at roads, solar edges of woods on deposits, sand, stony places, on slopes of high coast of the rivers, etc. It is extended everywhere, in some places as a weed, ordinary in a considerable quantity of copies on one place (islands).

    Collect nimbuses of colours (crown) in dry, a fair weather, pulling out them from a cup. Collected now dry, spreading a thin layer. Dry quickly. The dried up flowers, strong having pressed, store in well corked boxes. It is not recommended to collect the disappeared nimbuses from the earth, and also to pull out from pritsvetnikov not dismissed nimbuses.

    Flowers korovjaka consider mjagchitelnym, otharkivajushchim and enveloping means at all kinds katarov throats, lungs, cough, a bronchitis and at a pulmonary asthma. As valerianovyj a root at "фѕ°хтэю-эхЁтэ№§" illnesses, so flowers korovjaka at pulmonary illnesses - a very often used folk remedy.

    Flowers korovjaka use also at katarah a gastroenteric path, illnesses of a liver and a spleen (napar 30,0 g on 1 l of boiled water). Reception on 50,0 sm 3 each hour.

    For rinsing of a throat flowers korovjaka stir in equal parts with colours wood malvy, leaves mother-and-stepmother; cook 5 minutes, in this hot broth add the cut roots okopnika and valeriany - 10,0 All together soar in the closed vessel the whole hour. Ottsezhivajut and before the use warm up.

    At a swelling: 8,0 g anisic seeds , as much colours korovjaka, 30,0 g raisin, 1 table spoon of sugar and 5,0 g seeds caraway seeds cook minutes 5 - 10 in 0,5 l of water, ottsezhivajut. Reception: 3 times a day on a half-glass. Thus for 3 days pass to a milk diet, exclude from food of egg and limit liquid reception.

    As a sudorific drink hot napar from the following mix: colours korovjaka, wood malvy, an elder black , colours of a linden and berries of a dried raspberry. Everyone on a pinch on 2 glasses of boiled water. Half an hour soars.

    Naruzhno . Wounds and cracks (on dummies at women) prisypajut with a small powder of colours korovjaka, having greased before this juice from grated carrots .

    In mixes of the herbs used for baths at a rickets and zolotuhe, attach also flowers and leaves korovjaka.

    the Note : it is necessary to note also some analogousness in application of colours korovjaka and colours of nails .