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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Verbena officinalts L.
    Vervain medicinal


    the Russian name : a vervain; the Ukrainian: the vervain лікарська, is dry nehvoroshch, залізняк; the Polish: werbena pospolita, koszyczko, witolka lekarska.

    Family : Verbenaceae - verbenovye.

    Verbena officinalis - a vervain medicinal

    a Fig. 61. Verbena officinalis - a vervain medicinal

    The Long-term grassy plant with upright, up a branchy, tetrahedral stalk in height to 100 sm, with rough edges. Average leaves 3-separate with nerovnogorodchato-nadreznymi shares from which average is larger than the lateral. The top leaves - oblong, nadrezanno-gorodchatye, top tselnokrajnie. Flowers are collected in multifloral rare ears, on top - in a large, rare whisk, is pale-lilac, the purple are more rare. Leaves on taste the tart. The flavourless plant, blossoms from the end of June till the end of September. Grows at roads, on old ruins of brick houses, on suburbs of fields, on the littered places, on hills. It is extended everywhere, but not in mass quantity.

    Under the literary data, all plant is considered poisonous. In the people it is not underlined.

    Collect leaves of a vervain during its flowering.

    The Vervain, first of all, use in the people at illnesses of a liver, a spleen, and also at "сюыхчэ § ъЁютш" expressed in occurrences chirev, spots, a rash, and, besides, at zolotuhe and venereal ulcers. In these cases for a day drink napar from 60,0 g on 1 l of boiled water.

    Tea from a vervain 12,0 - 15,0 g on 180,0 - 200,0 g boiled water accept each hour on 1 table spoon at arterioskleroze, thromboses, swelling of veins.

    Naruzhno, in the form of lotions at illnesses of a skin use naparom from the following mix: vervains - 10,0 g, camomiles - 5,0 g, rose-petals - 10,0 g, an oak bark - 10,0 g, sage leaves - 5,0 g and grasses a horsetail - 10,0 g - as the means reducing inflammatory reaction and promoting healing of wounds.

    Storage . Vervain leaves store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.