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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Veronica officinalis L.
    veronika medicinal


    the Russian name : veronika the medicinal; the Ukrainian: veroshka лікарська, lezhacha (from a word to lie); the Polish: przetacznik lesny, przetacznik lekarski, weronika.

    Family : Scrophulariaceae - norichnikovye.

    Veronica officinalis - veronika medicinal

    a Fig. 82. Veronica officinalis - veronika medicinal.

    The Long-term grassy plant in length 10 - 30 sm with a creeping stalk, at the basis branchy, forming dernovinu, up ascending, covered with frequent, short hairs. The leaves narrowed in very short chereshok, obratnojajtsevidnye, gorodchato-pilchatye, slightly rigid. Multifloral tsvetonosnye brushes grow from only one bosom of two opposite leaves. Flowers pale blue with a lilac shade, are more rare the white. Blossoms since June till the end of August. Grows in groves between bushes, mainly in coniferous woods in black-soil belt is much more rare. It is extended more in wood and forest-steppe areas. The fresh flavourless grass, dried up has a pleasant smell. Taste tart, bitterish.

    Collect all grass without roots during flowering. In the people use a grass veroniki inside and naruzhno. Inside in the form of tea from napara (20,0 g grasses on 1 l of water) at prostudnyh diseases, an asthma and illnesses of urinogenital bodies. Naruzhno - for baths, especially to children at illnesses of a skin, spots, rashes, suppurations and at an itch.

    Use a grass veroniki inside and naruzhno. Inside at all kinds of rashes and spots on a skin, at ekzeme, zolotuhe, fungoid defeats of a skin - as tea from a mix veroniki with a grass a three-coloured violet and a train grass, all in equal parts on 10,0 g boiled water everyone on 1 l. Drink this napar during the day. For the external use tincture is good: 250,0 g the juice which has been wrung out from the kneaded, fresh grass veroniki to fill in 250 g 90 ° spirit and to insist 10 days. Tincture is filtered and to it 250,0 more same spirits are added, again filtered through cotton wool and then in a filtrate is added 10,0 g peruvianskogo balm.

    Before the use to shake up. This tincture use at different forms of disease of a skin, including volosistoj, head parts. Besides, such tincture diluted with 2 parts of boiled water, with success use in the form of washings and lotions at small wounds, cuts, bruises, at an itch on a body and on a head (vtiranie in roots of hair). Itching places and the places amazed with fungi, grease with the cotton wool moistened in the above-stated tincture.

    Storage . A grass veroniki store in boxes, in laid out by a paper.